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Who's Directing your Directions - 'Sage or Saboteur'?
Thursday, November 19, 2020
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Who's Directing your Directions - 'Sage or Saboteur'?

Delia Rosenboom

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Online via zoom

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'It's not what you do its the way that you do it'...as Alexander teachers we are familiar with this concept in relation to physical 'Use'...however have you ever considered your mental 'Use'? When you Inhibit or Direct you use your habitual neurology - your habitual good or bad Mental Use. How well is your mental use serving you?•Do you sometimes feel full of 'NOs' from too much inhibiting?•Does 'directing' sometimes lead to subtle doing"•Does 'freeing your neck' tie you in knots?•Are you too busy trying to apply AT principles?•Does applying AT principles sometimes turn you into an 'Alexandroid'?If so, would you like to:•Discover a freedom of mind from which a direction can easily, organically and optimally be experienced?•Build the part of your brain that can easily, optimally apply AT principles with ease & calm ?•Enhance your Mental Use? Come and find out how! Bookings email Delia: [email protected] or: http://www.southeastalexanderschool.co.uk/workshops

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