Conference Planning Committees

Bill Conable, Board Liaison

Site Committee

Annual Conference Site Committee Chair:
Linda Hein | Cambridge MA, USA 

Site Coordinators:
Corinne Cassini | Boone, NC, USA
Teresa Lee | Trade, TN, USA

Committee Members:

Committee Purpose:  The Site Committee is tasked with seeking appropriate meeting locations around the world for future Annual Conferences and to support the Site Coordinators for the locations as they plan and conduct the ATI Annual Conference.  Site Committee works hand in hand with the other committees that are involved in the running of the ATI Annual Conference, particularly Workshop Planning, Agenda Planning, the Board and the ATI Office.

Workshop Planning Committee

Annual Conference Workshop Planning Committee Co-Chairs:
Sara Goldstein-Gall | Brookline, MA, USA
Lucia WalkerMonmouth, United Kingdom

Committee Members:
Teresa Lee | Trade, TN, USA
Marilou Chacey | Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Committee Purpose:  The Workshop Planning Committee (WPC) is responsible for the schedule of workshops for the ATI Annual Conference and General Meeting. WPC solicits workshop proposals from members and non-members in the first quarter of each year, based on the theme of the Annual Conference as decided by the Site Committee and the Board. The program for the Annual Conference is created from these proposals. WPC works with individual workshop presenters, the Agenda Planning Committee, Site Committee, the International Committee and the Board to ensure the proper mix of onsite and virtual workshops, business meetings, and social events.

Agenda Planning Committee

Annual Conference Agenda Planning Committee, Co-Chairs:
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Danielle Loesch | Seattle, WA, USA

Committee Members:
Marilou Chacey | Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Liz Talbert | Berlin, Germany

Committee Purpose:  The purpose of the Agenda Planning Committee is to plan the agendas for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that happens during the ATI Annual Conference.  We accomplish our purpose by

  • collecting any policy proposals that the board, a committee or an individual wants to present to ATI members;
  • collecting any reports from the Board or Committees;
  • working with people who want to present a proposal to be sure that their proposal is well crafted;
  • assembling the Facilitation and Agenda Coordinating team for each year’s AGM, to plan each meeting’s agenda, including changing the agendas as needed.