ATI's Vision and Mission

Alexander Technique International (ATI) is a world-wide professional organization created to promote and advance the work begun by F. Matthias Alexander. Its members include teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique. ATI embraces the diversity of the international Alexander Technique community and is working to promote international dialogue.

Our Mission is to:

  • Create and sustain open means of global communication for people to discuss, apply, research, and experiment with the discoveries of F. Matthias Alexander.
  • Encourage the use of the F. M. Alexander Technique in both human and environmental relationships.
  • Embody the principles of the F. M. Alexander Technique in ATI’s structure and means of operation.
  • Provide a means for recognizing Alexander Technique Teacher competence and providing certification for those teachers who qualify.

Donate to support ATI

ATI is accepting donations to cover our reduced income during these extraordinary times. According to their ability, ATI Teaching Members may pay whatever portion they can of their 2021 annual dues. As a result, ATI is inviting tax deductible donations of any amount.

Thank you for your support.

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Alexander Technique International Workshop Grants

ATI is offering grants toward the cost of putting on AT workshops!
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The Professional Development Committee Launches ATI Knowledge Parties

As part of their continued work on the Pilot Project for Demonstration of Knowledge of Alexander's Writings, the ATI Professional Development Committee announces the first round of "ATI Knowledge Parties." These events will begin an ATI-wide discussion about Alexander's Writings, particularly the material involved in the Demonstration of Knowledge, and provide support for trainees preparing to complete the Demonstration of Knowledge.

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2021 ATI Annual Conference:
Expanding Our View

October 18-22

Applications are now open for the 2021 Linda Hein ATI ACGM Scholarship for any ATI trainee member. The deadline for applying is June 26, 2021. You can find all the details and application here.

Learn how to become an ATI Teacher

Are you an Alexander Technique teacher looking for a community that promotes learning from each other, embracing diversity and fostering international dialogue? Then become an ATI Teaching Member.