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Alexander Technique International is a worldwide professional organization that promotes and advances the work begun by F. Matthias Alexander. Its members are teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique. ATI embraces the diversity of its community and works to promote international dialogue among all Alexander Technique teachers and students.  Most importantly, ATI also offers opportunities for members to explore inclusivity and diversity on a personal and professional level, through Just Inclusion, a working group of ATI. 

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Participate in the PDC Pilot Project

The Professional Development Committee has been exploring the possibility of Teaching Candidates submitting their Demonstrations of Knowledge in the areas of Ethics, Anatomy and Alexander’s Writings before meeting with their ATI Sponsors. This would allow ATI Sponsors to spend more of their time assessing the Candidate’s teaching skills. Please consider participating in this exploration by submitting your Demonstrations of Knowledge to the Committee. Your participation will provide a tremendous service to ATI and help ATI improve its Teacher Certification Procedure. And we hope you will find it an enriching activity in its own right.

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