Health & Pain Management

Alexander Technique for Health and Pain Management“The Alexander Technique keeps the body alive, at ages when many people have resigned themselves to irreversible decline.” — Robertson Davies, Novelist

Health is our wealth. We bet you have heard that before. But did you know that the Alexander Technique is the elixir of life? It helps you maintain youthfulness, ease of movement and balance late into years. Using your body as it was designed means less wear and tear. Pain can interfere with using your body naturally. A traumatic impact to your body will put you into shock and your muscles will protect you. You may develop injurious habits unknown to you.

The Alexander Technique work can be helpful in the rehabilitation from an injury or trauma. Protection around pain can lead to new habits that are not helpful in the long run. The Alexander Technique work gives you an understanding how best to manage yourself in order to prevent further injury or physical degeneration.

Pain has the ability of distracting us from what we are doing. The focus narrows down to it and let us forget the rest of the body and our environment. Sometimes we react working even harder to achieve our goals, denying the pain. Muscle tension grows and so does the pain. Which brings back the focus on pain. A vicious circle. The Alexander Technique gives you a tool to learn how to deal with pain. By working on your overall coordination, pain reduces or even disappears. So that we can focus on life again and the things we love to do.

British Medical Journal showed in 2008 that lessons in the Alexander Technique reduced back pain by 85%.:

Randomized controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for patients with chronic low back pain
Alexander Technique British Medical Journal Back Pain Study

There have been studies teaching older people to build confidence and balance. You can see the progress they made after a short introduction to learning the Alexander Technique in this video. Technique and Balance in Elderly People

The Alexander Technique has also been documented in helping Parkinson’s Disease sufferers in regaining control of their bodies during activities. This is a video made by a man who has had real benefits. Alexander Technique and Parkinson's

This video shows that even injuries from sports/fitness can benefit from the Alexander Technique. Alexander Technique for the Injured Dancer