Guidance and Governance Committees

Board Liaisons: Maria Weiss & Gaby Minnes Brandes

Ethics Advisory Committee

Ethics Advisory Committee Co-Chairs:
Irene Schlump | Bochum, Germany
Corinne Cassini | Boone, NC, USA

Committee Members:
Shawn Copeland | Seattle, WA, USA
Jim Paisner | Carrboro, NC
Heloisa Gravina | Caseneuve, France

Committee PurposeThe Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) is available to listen to and advise ATI members and any member of the public on ethical matters and concerns, in relation to a potential complaint about an ATI members actions. The EAC provides information and guidance about the ATI Code of Ethics and the ATI ethics complaint procedure. In the event of an alleged violation of the ATI Code of Ethics the EAC undertakes a confidential investigation. We have provided a link to the full EAC complaint procedure document.

Read more about Ethics Advisory Committee members

Formal Consensus Process Committee 

Formal Consensus Process Committee Co-Chairs:
Bridget Esterhuizen | Murphy, NC, USA
Sarah Leite | Acton, Massachusetts, USA

Committee Members:
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Lucia Walker | Monmouth, Wales
Cathy Madden | Seattle, WA, USA
Dana Calvey | New York, NY, USA
Jennifer Mizenko | Oxford, MS, USA
Alison Deadman | Jonesborough, TN, USA

Committee Purpose:  ATI members chose Formal Consensus (developed by C.T. Lawrence Butler and Amy Rothstein) as their means of decision making because they believe its principles align closely with the principles of the Alexander Technique. The Formal Consensus Process Committee (FCPC) members are trained in Formal Consensus. They work closely with the Agenda Planning Committee to plan and help facilitate the Annual General Meeting held at the ATI Annual Conference.  FCPC trains new facilitators, and helps guide ATI members in understanding Formal Consensus so they can fully participate in the business of ATI.


Nomination Committee

Nominations Committee Co-Chairs:
Dianne Sales | Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
Robin Gilmore | Annapolis, MD, USA

Committee Members:
Tommy Thompson (as an advisor) | Belmont, MA, USA

Committee Purpose:  The Nominations Committee finds members to serve as the Executive Board members, and Committee Chairs who keep ATI working.  All members are eligible to serve in any Board position and as any Committee Chair.  Any member considering volunteering for any position should contact the Nominations Committee Co-Chairs.


Vision/Mission Committee

Vision/Mission Committee Chair:
Cathy Madden | Seattle, WA, USA

Committee Members:
Fiona Cranwell | Dublin, Ireland
Jamee Culbertson | Woburn, MA, USA
Alison Deadman | Jonesborough, TN, USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Jennifer Mizenko | Oxford, MS, USA
Tommy Thompson | Belmont, MA, USA
Rosa Luisa Rossi | Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Committee Purpose:  The Vision/Mission Committee is comprised of former ATI Board Chairs, and is sometimes referred to as the “Council of Elders.”  The Vision/Mission Committee serves as an advisory committee to the ATI Executive Board, all ATI Committees, and all ATI members.  Consequently, the Committee knows the history of the organization through the years, and is charged with seeing that our evolving vision/mission is part of the social and organizational fabric of ATI.