Ethics Advisory Committee Members


Jamee Culbertson

Jamee Culbertson headshotJamee Culbertson is an Alexander Technique teacher/trainer at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Jamee’s education includes study at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in NYC and Berklee College of Music. Her Alexander Technique training journey began with Tommy Thompson in 1990. Jamee is a charter member of ATI and served as Chair on the Board and numerous committees. Jamee currently serves on the Vision-Mission committee and is Co-Chair on the Ethics Committee and is an ATI Sponsor. Along the way Jamee became a Senior Instructor and teacher trainer in the Universal Healing Tao System teaching tai chi, qigong and meditation techniques. Jamee shares her knowledge and experience with numerous institutions in the Boston area: hospitals, sports centers, colleges and women centers. She is also part of a team of Universal Tao Boston Instructors involved with Tai Chi studies via Harvard and Brown Universities. Jamee has a private practice around Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Michael Serio

Mike Serio headshotPianist Michael Serio, a Buffalo native, performs regularly as a soloist and as a collaborative pianist throughout Western New York. An adjunct music performance faculty member at UB, he enjoys supporting the budding careers of students through accompanying lessons, recitals, juries and performance coaching. Michael is an ATI certified (2010) Alexander Technique teacher who did his training with Tommy Thompson in Cambridge, MA (2006-9). Michael offers workshops and group classes at UB, Buffalo State and Fredonia State colleges. He is an avid Yoga enthusiast and volunteer for the Isha Yoga Center founded by Sadhguru.

Committee Members

Rachel Prabhakar

Rachel Prabhakar headshotRachel Prabhakar teaches the Alexander Technique and Pilates at her metro Boston studio. Her practice serves people with a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries, as well as dancers and athletes.

Rachel trained with Tommy Thompson at the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge and with Debi Adams at the Boston Conservatory, graduating in 2013 and receiving ATI sponsorship in 2014. She went on to complete further post-graduate work with Tommy Thompson.

Rachel received her Pilates Level 2 Instructor certification from the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) in 2009, and then completed an advanced apprenticeship at the renowned Melbourne studio Balance & Control. Prior to undertaking Pilates certification, Rachel spent a decade working as a software engineer. She holds a BA from Cornell University and an MA from the University of Chicago.

Rachel lives in Brookline, MA, USA with her husband and two daughters.

Peter Nobes

Peter Nobes headshotPeter Nobes is the author of Mindfulness in 3D; the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century. He has been teaching the Alexander Technique in central London since he qualified as a teacher in 1993, and has taught the work in twelve countries on three continents. He has been training Alexander teachers since 2013.

When he isn’t teaching Alexander, Peter builds wooden boats and then rows, sails and paddles them.

Irene Schlump

Irene Schlump headshotIch bin seid seit 2011 Mitglied bei ATI. Ich durfte schon als ATI Küken im ersten vollständig internationalen Vorstand (5 Posten-5 Länder) tätig sein und ATI sehr praktisch und vor allen Dingen lernend kennenlernen. Ich begleite seid Beginn meiner Mitgliedschaft die Übersetzungstätigkeit als Koordinatorin für Deutschland. In meiner Vorstandszeit hat es einen Fall gegeben, der vom Ethischen Rat behandelt wurde und in seiner Konsequenz so weitreichend war, das der Vorstand mit einbezogen werden musste. Der Anspruch des Ethischen Rates, eingebettet in die Terms of References hat mich damals zutiefst beeindruckt. Der Ethische Rat ist bestenfalls ein Komitee, das im verborgenen blüht- und dennoch entscheidend für die Integrität von ATI. Ich freue mich ein Teil davon zu sein.

In meinem weiteren Leben arbeite ich als Lehrerin für Alexander-Technik (seit 2006) und als Schauspielerin in Bochum, Deutschland mit einem Schwerpunkt auf theaterpädagogische Arbeit mit Kindern zum Thema Sexueller Missbrauch, Recycling und Demokratiethemen im weitesten Sinne. Zuvor habe ich eine Ausbildung zur Krankenschwester gemacht und Theater-, Film- und Fernsehwissenschaft studiert.1996 habe ich für 3 Monate am Oasis Theatre in New York gearbeitet.

Ich arbeite integrierend und bin streitbar. Ich bin zäh und warmherzig. Ich kann den Überblick behalten und habe eine Liebe fürs Detail. Zur Zeit bin ich ebenfalls engagiert im Adhoc Komitee Rassismus und Diversität. Ich bin eine 54 jährige, weiße cis-Frau. Juni, 2021


I have been a member of ATI since 2011. As an ATI fledgling, I was privileged to be part of the first fully international board (5 posts - 5 countries). I got to know ATI in a very practical and above all learning way. Since the beginning of my membership I have provided support for ATI's translation activities as coordinator for Germany. During my time on the board, there occurred a case that was dealt with by the Ethic Advisory Committee and was so far-reaching in its consequences that the board had to be involved. At that time I was deeply impressed by the Ethic Advisory Committee's objective, embedded in the Terms of References. The Ethic Advisory Committee is, at best, a committee that flourishes quietly and yet is a crucial part of ATI's integrity. I am grateful to be a part of it.

In my further life I work as a teacher of Alexander Technique (since 2006) and as an actress in Bochum, Germany with a focus on theater pedagogical work with children on the subjects of sexual exploitation, recycling and democracy issues in the broadest sense. I am on faculty of the AlexanderAlliance, Germany. Earlier I became a nurse and studied theatre-film-, and television science. 1996 I have worked or three month at the Oasis theatre in New York.

I work in an integrating way and can be controversial. I am tough and warmhearted. I can keep the overview and have a love for the details. I am also involved in the Adhoc Committee Racism and Diversity. I am a 54 yr white cis-female. June, 2021


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