Ways to Train

Only training courses with directors who are ATI members are listed on the website.


Sydney Alexander Technique
Director:  Greg Holdaway
Teacher: Alan Capel 
St. Leonards NSW Australia
Website:  www.alexandertechnique.com.au


Sinclair Studio
Director:  Susan Sinclair
Toronto Ontario Canada
Website:  www.sinclairstudio.com


Centre de Formation à l'Enseignement F.M. Alexander d'ABZAC (33) et La Réunion (974)
Director/Teacher: Gilles Estran
33230 ABZAC
Website:  http://www.alexander-contact-watsu.fr

Centre de Formation à l'Enseignement  F.M Alexander d'APT (84)
Directors/Teachers : Catherine Vernerie, Lucia Carbone
84400 Apt
Website: http://formation-alexander.subito-presto.com

Centre de Formation à l’Enseignement F. M. Alexander de Toulouse (31)
Director/Teacher : Ulrich Funke
31500 Toulouse
Website: www.alexander-technique.fr

Centre de Formation à l’Enseignement F. M. Alexander de Pernes les Fontaines (84)
Director/Teacher : Catherine Cohen-Hadria
Website: www.methode-alexander.com

These different training courses are part of Alexander Technique International France (ATI France) and work together.
Website: www.technique-alexander-france.com


Alexander-Technik Institut Irma Hesz
Director/Teacher:  Irma Hesz
Düsseldorf  Germany
Website:  www.alexander-technik.de

Bavarian Alexander Technique Center
Director/Teacher:  Maria Weiss
Zell-Ebenhausen  Germany
Website:  www.weissinstitut.com



Director:  Galit Zeif
Tel Aviv-Yafo  Israel
Website: http://bodythought.com/


Alexander Technique Tokyo School
Director/Teacher:  Sakiko Ishitsubo
Tokyo  Japan
Website:  http://www.sakiko-alexander.com

Japan Alexander Technique Center
Director/Teacher:  Eiji Tanimura
Ikomashi Japan
Website: http://www.japan-alexandertechnique.com/

Director/Teacher:  Jeremy Chance
Tokyo Japan
Website:  http://www.alexandertechnique.co.jp/


Alexander Technique Korea Center
Director/Teacher: SeongEun Kim
Seoul, Korea
Website: www.ati-korea.com

United Kingdom (UK)

The Bristol Alexander School
Director:  Caroline Chalk
Bristol  UK
Website:  bristolalexanderschool.co.uk
Watch this Video from The Bristol Alexander School

South Bank Alexander Centre
Director:  Peter Nobes
London  UK
Website:  www.alexandertech.co.uk

The South East Alexander School
Director:  Delia Rosenboom
Website:  http://www.southeastalexanderschool.co.uk/

United States (USA)

Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles
Director:  Michael Frederick
Website: http://atinstitutela.com/

Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course
Director:  Deborah Adams
Boston MA USA
Website: Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge
Director:  Tommy Thompson
Belmont MA USA
Website:  www.easeofbeing.com

Alexander Technique Mid-Atlantic
Director:  Nancy Wanich-Romita
Teacher: Wendy Salkind 
Baltimore MD USA
Website:  www.atmidatlantic.com

St. Louis Alexander Technique
Director:  Katherine Mitchell
St Louis MO USA
Website:  www.slat.us

Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies 
Director: Robin Gilmore
Greensboro, NC USA
Website: www.chesapeakealexander.com

Light in Being- Alexander Technique and Teacher Training Course
Director:  Corinne Cassini
Boone NC USA
Website:  www.lightinbeing.com

The Barstow Institute
Director:  Nancy Forst Williamson
Lincoln NE USA
Website:  http://barstowalexandertechnique.com/alextech.html

The Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique
Director:  Martha Hansen Fertman
Philadelphia PA USA
Website:  https://phillyattraining.com

Houston School for the Alexander Technique
Director:  Christine Lidvall
Houston TX USA
Website:  http://alexandertechniquehouston.com/

Alexander Technique Training and Performance Studio
Director:  Catherine Madden
Seattle WA USA
Website:  http://cathymadden.net/

The Performance School
Director/Teacher:  Catherine Kettrick and David Mills
Seattle WA USA
Website:  www.performanceschool.org

Inter-Mountain Alexander Training
Directors: Bill Conable and Shawn Copeland
Spokane WA USA
Website: https://www.alexanderworkshops.com/IMAT

Soma Studios
Director: Joe Krienke
Minneapolis, MN
Website: www.somastudios.org/teacher-training