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The best way to learn more about the Alexander Technique is to find an Alexander Teacher in your area. Alexander teaching creates physical and emotional experience, that far overrides reading, in learning. We are changing the habits of a lifetime. It is exciting work with great potential. Having a teacher will put you in the right direction, offering you lessons tailored to your needs. What you learn will surprise you.

This is ATI’s directory of teachers to help you find the teacher that suits you. Each teacher has his or her own style, specialty, and personality. All ATI teachers listed have qualified as ATI Teaching Members.

Any of our ATI teachers will be happy to communicate with you about how they work, what their pricing structure is, and set up an appointment with you.

You may search our teacher listing by country and state, or you may search for a teacher based on specialty.
You are welcome to select/fill in as many fields as you want to specialize your search.

If you have trouble contacting any of our listed teachers, please let us know by contacting the ATI Management Office.

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