Alexander Technique Awareness Month Presenter Information

Thank you for your interest in hosting a free workshop for AT Awareness Month! Below is a little more information on how we plan to structure AT Awareness Month so that you can decide what level of involvement you'd like to have. 

The purpose of ATI's Alexander Technique Awareness Month is to provide public individuals with a small taste of of the Alexander Technique, so they can decide if they want to continue to learn this work with you either in-person or online, or refer to a different AT teacher in their preferred area/time zone (if you don’t offer what they’re looking for). The intention is to join together to help all ATI teachers gain more students, collectively, and for ATI to help equally publicize teachers.

As a presenter, we ask that you either host an introductory workshop (we plan to offer one in each ATI language), or a 30-minute Constructive Rest session. All workshops/sessions will be offered virtually in your own Zoom or other live stream account, and will be free to the public. What ATI offers our teaching members who chose to participate by hosting a workshop is scheduled and consistent marketing of your workshop between April and June. The hope is that the public becomes more aware of not only the Alexander Technique, but also ATI teaching members who are teaching online or in specific areas. 

The process for signing up:

  1. If you're interested in presenting a workshop for AT Awareness Month virtually, please submit your workshop for consideration in this form. Please note that you will need to host your workshop in your own live streaming platform (such as Zoom).
  2. Once your workshop is approved for the calendar, ATI staff will create a registration page and calendar event in our AT Awareness Month calendar for your workshop. Attendees can register for your workshop right through the AT Awareness Month calendar once ATI staff uploads your workshop.
  3. After your event is created, you will be sent the registration link if you would like to promote it yourself, as well as a link with your current registration list (this link stays active and will be updated in real time - this allows you to connect with your workshop attendees ahead of time or after your workshop).
  4. ATI will advertise your workshop through our social media platforms during the months of April, May, and June. 

Deadline to submit workshops is Sunday, April 7, 2024.

If you have any questions about the AT Awareness Month, please email [email protected]