Change is coming!

Saying goodbye to Rileigh and Mattison and looking ahead.

At the beginning of March, Rileigh Crafts is ending her work with Mattison and will put all her energy into her growing family. We are so grateful for the four years of working closely with Rileigh, creating structures and modes of communication that streamline and support our organization. We wish Rileigh all the best.

Another change is in our management company. Mattison and Synergos are separating and ATI will continue to work with Synergos and Lane Velayo, who was our original Synergos partner. We anticipate a very smooth transition.

Rileigh is working very closely with Maria and Gaby on the transition and they will add the person who is hired to take over her responsibilities as soon as they are hired.  We are all working together to ensure a smooth transition that will take place in March. 

Gaby Minnes Brandes and Maria Weiss
ATI Co-Chairs