ATI Research Working Group is recruiting new members!

Please note: As of Monday, March 18, 2024, all working group roles have been filled.


ATI’s mission is to: Create and sustain open means of global communication for people to discuss, apply, research, and experiment with the discoveries of F. Matthias Alexander.

ATI supports and encourages research to enhance our understanding of the Alexander Technique and its key concepts. 

The objectives of the research working group:

  • To share past and current research conducted and published about Alexander Technique.
  • To promote and support new research about the Alexander Technique

The process that FM Alexander underwent as he uncovered what we now call the Alexander Technique was a meticulous process and can be defined as research based: he posed questions, honed his observation skills, collected data and developed theories, analyzing the data he collected to answer his questions. This committee sees the importance of research to understand Alexander Technique, how and why it works and how to apply it in different contexts.

If these objectives are important for you as you teach the Alexander Technique, we invite you to join the Research Working Group.  Email us by March 1, 2024!

Send an email to Gaby Minnes Brandes or Maria Weiss
 [email protected]
[email protected]

Policies and Procedures Working Group is looking for more members

Please note: As of Monday, March 18, 2024, all working group roles have been filled.


The P&P document was edited by the P&P working group (Marilou Chacey, Marya Spring Cordes, Diane Hovenesian, and Maria Weiss) two years ago and now needs to be updated. This is a multi-layered process involving the board, committees, and the office before being uploaded to the website for membership comments. 

At this point, the P & P working group will focus on reviewing and editing the procedures.

The P&P working group, appointed by the board, is looking for members with strong writing and editing skills. If you enjoy writing and working collaboratively, we would like you to join us as we work through the current document and update it.

Send an email latest March 1, 2024 to Maria Weiss [email protected]