2024 ATI Annual Conference

Pausing in the Present:
Explore. Experiment. Express

Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom
October 18 - October 22, 2023

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This year, the Conference Planning Branch in conjunction with the ATI Board decided to split the Annual Conference and General Meeting into an in-person Conference and an entirely online General Meeting.

The Conference will be hosted at Gaunts House near Poole in Dorsetshire, in southwest England from Friday, October 18 through Tuesday noon, October 22. This is one day fewer than in the past, but without the business meetings there will be plenty of time for workshops and a more relaxed time in general. We also hope that scheduling over a weekend will make it easier for busy people to join us without losing a whole week of work. 

The Business Meetings will be held on Zoom over several days, dates to be determined, after the Conference. We will spend a limited amount of time at the in-person Conference introducing the year’s proposals and enhancing members’ familiarity with our remarkable Formal Consensus process. 

The Site Committee is excited to invite ATI members and guests to Gaunts House for the in-person 2024 Annual Conference. Gaunts is known for profound inner listening and learning, personal development, spiritual enquiry and exchange, different yogas, service, creativity, laughter, silence - education. It is quite usual for guests to say that Gaunts feels like their second home, that their time here has been amongst their happiest and most fulfilling. We hope you can join us in this beautiful place to explore and celebrate the Alexander Technique!


Please check back for more information on Workshop Proposals at a later date. More information to come soon!

Registration Information

Registration for both the Annual Conference and for the virtual General Meetings will open in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Annual Conference Assistants

We need three trainee assistants to help us this year! ATI trainee members are invited to apply to serve as conference assistants for the ATI Annual Conference in the UK this Fall. The conference assistants will need to be available for the pre-day and the whole conference. Tasks shared by the three assistants include:

  • ​Pre-day activities
  • Registration preparation and assistance
  • Setting up and clearing up rooms before and after workshops
  • Help with small tasks for making the conference and meeting run smoothly

Assistants are NOT required to work during workshops, so that they can take full advantage of this training opportunity.

In exchange for your help ATI will waive your conference registration fee. Other associated fees such as room and board will not be covered by ATI.

We are interested in working with people who have never come to an ATI Annual Conference, as well as those who have some conference experience. It is a valuable opportunity for trainees who need the financial assistance to be able to attend an ATI Annual Conference!

If you believe you have qualities or skills that make you an excellent choice for a conference assistant, please outline them in a brief letter and email it to the ATI office. Give us your name, the training program you attend, or the name of your primary trainer, a brief letter of recommendation from your trainer and contact information. Please let us know why this opportunity is important to you.

We encourage all trainees who are interested to apply. You do not need English as a first language to be considered. ATI Trainee membership is free for the first year, so if you are not an ATI member currently but want to be one you are welcome to join and apply.


Gaunts House is located near Poole in Dorsetshire, in southwest England. This venue specializes in hosting educational courses and events, and will be quite suitable for the 2024 ATI Annual Conference. 

Lodging at Gaunts House:

Rooms are prepared for your stay. Guests are responsible for their rooms during their stay.

Meals and diets

Gaunts House can accommodate a selection of special diets at no extra charge. Please be specific when you register about your dietary needs.