2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All ATI members are welcome to join and participate in the Annual General Meeting. This year the AGM will be entirely virtual and will take place after the in person Annual Conference

Save the Dates

November 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2024
5:30 am PT/ 8:30 am ET / 1:30 pm UK / 2:30 pm CET / 3:30 pm EET / 10:30 pm JST
We are starting as early as possible in the hopes that more people from around the world can join us! 


90-minute meeting: policy proposals
30-minute break (Coffee Talk!, etc.)
60-minute meeting: reports, voting, etc.*

 *We are hoping to structure meetings so policy proposals are handled in the first half of each meeting, so people in later time zones can more easily participate in the decision-making process. There may be some spillover.



Zoom (live meetings) & Basecamp (documents, links, schedule, message board, Q&A, etc.)


This webpage will be updated as we have more information!