ATI Sponsors

“Personally, I find a great value in the sponsoring process. It gives me the opportunity to look at the practice in a different way than I usually do. First I have to allow the other person his/her vision and understanding of the work. Listening, receiving, I have to move myself to a new viewpoint. At the same time I have to consider the relationship between the new viewpoint and my own knowledge and approach. This provides an interesting opening of the attention instead of holding a particular object of knowledge. Second, I have to find what is the need for this particular person, how I can help her/him to learn more, and to bring them confidence in their own knowledge. I find that the sponsoring process is a great place to exchange with respect and confidence as far as it’s done seriously with humanity and compassion.”
Gilles Estran, ATI Sponsor, France

The list of ATI Sponsors is diverse. ATI Sponsors can be found in countries around the world, all with varied trainings and backgrounds. You can get to know our ATI Sponsors by reviewing their profile pages, or you may meet them at an Annual Conference, or at some other event or workshop. ATI Sponsors travel frequently to attend or give workshops, so you should contact each ATI Sponsor directly to establish if they will be travelling to an area close to you.

ATI Sponsors are ATI Teaching Members who have been nominated and elected by the membership and have great experience in teaching.

The Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC) hosts a day (immediately before/after the Annual Conference & AGM) dedicated to the ATI Certification Process, for the purpose of providing evaluations to candidates. Our Annual Conference is held in a different country each year. This is a fantastic way to meet fellow candidates, ATI Sponsors and members who are attending the Annual Conference with you. Because the CCC coordinates the schedule of evaluations that day, the individual ATI Sponsors themselves do not create the schedule. You may not be evaluated by the specific ATI Sponsor of your choice at that conference. The CCC cannot guarantee that all ATI sponsors will be taking part in this day on any given year. 


Greg Holdaway
Wentworth Falls, NSW
Telephone:         +61 0408-257-174
Email:                   Greg Holdaway


Susan Sinclair
Toronto, Ontario
Telephone:         +1 416-603-2650
Email:                  Susan Sinclair

Janet Madelle Feindel
Sutton, Quebec
Telephone:         +1 450-521-8571
Email:                  Janet Madelle Feindel

Gabriella Minnes Brandes
Vancouver, British Colombia
Telephone:          +1 604-617-1799
Email:                   Gabriella Minnes Brandes


Telephone:          02-41-77-21-10 
Email:                 Corinne Cassini

Gilles Estran
Telephone:         +33 05-57-49-13-51
Email:                  Gilles Estran

Catherine Vernerie
Telephone:         +33 490049647     |     +33 677 87 21 96
Email:                   Catherine Vernerie

Ulrich Funke
Telephone:        +0033652121490
Email:                   Ulrich Funke


Irma Hesz
Alexander-Technik Institut Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany
Telephone:          +00 49-211-7886780
Email:                   Irma Hesz

Maria Weiss
Telephone:       +49 (0) 8178 998922
Email:                 Maria Weiss


Galit Zeif
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Telephone:         +972 525554195
Email:                  Galit Zeif


Sakiko Ishitsubo
Telephone:         +81 3-5422-9383     |     +81 90-4939-5593
Email:                   Sakiko Ishitsubo

Akemi Kinomura
Kyoto City
Telephone:         +81 75-541-5113     |     +81 90-3672-4229
Email:                   Akemi Kinomura

Junko Nakashiro
Narashi, Naraken
Telephone:         +81 0742-46-6622
Email:                   Junko Nakashiro

Eiji Tanimura
Ikomashi, Naraken
Telephone:         +81 0743-73-2957
Email:                   Eiji Tanimura

Kanae Tsuneki
Yachiyo City
Telephone:         +81 (0)80-5012-9692
Email:                   Kanae Tsuneki

Republic of Korea

Seong-Eun Kim
Telephone:          +82 02-569-7108
Email:                   Seong-Eun Kim


Janet Madelle Feindel
Barcelona, Spain
Telephone:         +1 450-521-8571
Email:                  Janet Madelle Feindel

South Africa

Lucia Walker (online, or occasionally in person)
Telephone:         +44 7963375809     |     +44 27796249518
Email:                  Lucia Walker

Sharyn West (online, or occasionally in person)
Telephone:         +01865726307
Email:                  Sharyn West


Rosa-Luisa Rossi
Telephone:         +41 61-831-51-19     |     +41 79-655-16-69
Email:                   Rosa-Luisa Rossi


Peter Nobes
Telephone:         +44 020-7928-6378     |     +44 791-250-0659
Email:                   Peter Nobes

Delia Rosenboom
Forest Row, East Sussex
Telephone:         +44 (0)1342 825031
Email:                  Delia Rosenboom

Lucia Walker
Monmouth, Wales
Telephone (WhatsApp):         +00 447963 375809
Email:                  Lucia Walker

Sharyn West
Monmouth, Wales
Telephone:         +00 44 7305 460911
WhatsApp:         +00 27 72 3645130
Landline:            +00 44 1600 711763
Sharyn West


Deborah Adams
Brookline, MA
Telephone:         +1 (617) 734-1136
Email:                   Deborah Adams

Sarah Barker
Columbia, SC
Telephone:         +1 (803) 622-3035
Email:                   Sarah Barker

Corinne Cassini
Boone, NC
Telephone:         +1 (828) 406-3938
Email:                 Corinne Cassini

William Conable
Cheyney, WA
Telephone:       +1 (509) 270-7492
Email:                   Bill Conable

Shawn Copeland
Moscow, ID
Telephone:         +1 (336) 324-4991
Email:                Shawn Copeland

Jamee Culbertson
Woburn, MA
Telephone:         +1 (617) 290-7102
Email:                   Jamee Culbertson

Robin Gilmore
Annapolis, MD
Telephone:         +1 (410) 268-2841
Email:                   Robin Gilmore

Robert Lada
Cambridge, MA
Telephone:         +1 (617) 864-4288     |     +1 (617) 817-5415
Email:                   Robert Lada

Teresa Lee
Vilas, North Carolina
Phone:               +1 (828) 719-0136
Email:                  Teresa Lee

Catherine Madden
Seattle, WA
Telephone:         +1 (206) 368-8544
Email:                  Catherine Madden

Belinda Mello
New York, NY
Telephone:         + (917-753-0624
Email:                  Belinda Mello

David Mills
Seattle, WA
Telephone:         +1 (206) 522-3584
Email:                   David Mills

Tommy Thompson
Belmont, MA
Telephone:         +1 (617) 497-2242     |     +1 (617) 413-1638
Email:                   Tommy Thompson

Ariel Weiss
Wallingford, PA
Telephone:         +1 (610) 506-2987
Email:                  Ariel Weiss

Nancy Forst Williamson
Lincoln, NE
Telephone:         +1 (402) 489-3923     |     +1 (402) 432-9181
Email:                   Nancy Forst Williamson

Joe Krienke
Arden Hills, MN
Telephone:         +1 (612) 756-6685
Email:                  Joe Krienke

Jennifer Mizenko
Oxford, MI
Telephone:         +1 (662) 832-1407
Email:                  Jennifer Mizenko


ATI Sponsor fees will be set in line with the fees in the membership tiers, based on where the candidate lives.