New Alexander Technique Book is an Amazon #1 Bestseller!

We are excited to announce that ATI Member Jennifer Roig-Francolí's book, Make Great Music with Ease! The Secret to Smarter Practice, Confident Performance, and Living a Happier Life, has achieved #1 Amazon Bestseller status in two categories and in the top five bestsellers across all six categories it was placed in. The book has a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating on both Amazon and Goodreads. Here is what three of our esteemed colleagues have to say about the book:

An Extraordinary Resource for our Alexander Community
 "After nearly 50 years of teaching the Alexander Technique, I have immersed myself in countless books on this subject. There are a select few that stand out as truly exceptional and worth adding to one's collection. Jennifer Roig-Francolí's latest publication breathes a much-needed gust of fresh air into the realm of Alexander Technique literature. This book serves as an extraordinary resource for our Alexander Community, offering a practical and accessible guide not only for musicians but also for anyone seeking to enhance their learning experience. What sets it apart is its comprehensive approach, addressing not only the physical and mental aspects but also delving into the emotional and, importantly, spiritual dimensions of both musicianship and human existence."
~ Michael Frederick, Founding Director of the first three International Alexander Technique Congresses


Not to be Missed! A Magnificent and Truly Valuable Book
"Make Great Music with Ease! is a valuable resource for any musician looking to improve their well-being and artistry with depth of meaning, inspiration, and effortless ease, while making a joyful difference in the world.  With this all-embracing and personally-experienced description of what Jennifer Roig-Francolí offers musicians in her magnificent book, the reader will experience the essence of one musician’s deeply insightful and spiritual journey into the panoptic realm of a musician’s life.  Not to be missed! Read with enjoyment, delight and above all, an appreciation for all the acclaimed musician - and now author - has offered as a cornucopia of practical knowledge. A truly valuable book."
~ Tommy Thompson, Co-Founder and Inaugural Chair of ATI, Former Faculty Member, Harvard University


A Joy to Read
Jennifer Roig-Francolí has masterfully created a space for musicians of all levels to discover their true potential. A musician herself, Jennifer has a deep understanding of the musician’s mind as well as the experiences of intense training. She gives us important insight into the non-habitual possibilities we can all achieve. Curiosity and a positive attitude permeate all that she writes. Her music-making comes from love and joy—and this book is definitely a joy to read!"
~ Debi Adams, ATI, Alexander Technique Program Director, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Pianist


Published by Creative Muse Publishing, Make Great Music with Ease! The Secret to Smarter Practice, Confident Performance, and Living a Happier Life is currently available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats here.