ATI ExChange Deadlines and Submissions

ATI is excited to announce the new ExChange editor, Dr. Julie Mulvihill. Julie Mulvihill is interested in how we communicate, contribute, and shift roles as we create possibilities and decisions together. She holds a PhD in Dance Theory and Practice from Texas Woman’s University and a teaching certification in the Alexander Technique from Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies. Julie has studied, practiced, and taught all kinds of movement in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people.

ExChanging: Sharing Expectations and Ideas toward Publication

Do you have an idea that won't leave you alone? Is your idea something you are interested in sharing? Are you interested in publishing an idea or processing your idea with some collaboration? Do you have a fully formed written, drawn, or photographed idea that you want to share? 

Julie hosted a workshop to discuss! This get together was a chance to ask questions, receive process aids, and potentially workshop ideas toward publication in the ExChange. Julie offered thoughts and examples of what the process might include for the months and weeks leading up to publication. She conveyed tips and tools for navigating the ExChange publication process and outline several possible collaboration models to consider. 

View the recording below and access the PowerPoint slides here. Have an idea that you want to send to Julie? Fill out this brief ATI ExChange Idea Form to get started. 


ExChange: Call for Submissions

ExChange, the journal of Alexander Technique International, is calling for submissions of scholarly articles, book reviews, and creative essays.

The past two years of experiences with a global pandemic have given us pause to consider our work: to reflect, reimagine, revel, and make revelations about ourselves as AT practitioners, teachers, and ambassadors. What are you learning about yourself? What are you learning about or from your work? What challenges, grounding, or buoyancy has AT provided as you move through our current world?

For publication in the Summer issue please submit by February 15

For publication in the Winter issue please submit by September 15

We accept rolling submissions!

Submission Requirements:

  • Please organize your work in a Microsoft Word document and PDF
  • Title your submission with your last name and an abbreviated title (include titles in the document itself)
  • Send your work as attachments to the email: [email protected]
Tips for Submission:
  • Submissions should be less than 6,000 words (concessions can be made on a case-by-case basis)
  • Some submissions may roll over to a later issue if they need more time for processing
  • Submitting early is always welcome!
  • Direct questions to Julie Mulvihill, Editor of the ExChange at [email protected]