Just Inclusion: A Resource List   


Coates, Ta-Nehisi The Beautiful Struggle (book) is our anti-racist resource of the week.

We have compiled a list of resources that includes books, videos, podcasts and more.  First, we suggest that you start with these three items:

1. A document containing resources which people can use to begin to understand and dismantle White supremacy. This scaffolding anti-racism resources document presents stages of White supremacy, and resources corresponding to that stage. Many of the references listed later in our resource list can also be found on this list.

2. Justice in June is a resource prepared for the purpose of providing a starting place for individuals trying to become better allies. It is a month-long daily practice, divided into 10 minute, 25 minute or 45 minute long practices. 

3. Beyond Diversity: How to Build a Truly Anti-Racist Organization offered by Everyday Feminism and Crossroads offers workshops for organizations and groups.

We have separated the rest of the resources into the following categories, in alphabetical order.  If you click on the link, it will take you to that section of this list.  We currently have resources in English, and German.

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Resources in English

  1. A document containing resources which people can use to begin to understand and dismantle White supremacy. The document presents stages of White supremacy, and resources corresponding to that stage. Many of the references listed later in this resource list can be found here
  2. A month-long daily practice, divided into 10-minute, 25-minute or 45-minute long practices.
    Justice in June


Books in English (alphabetical by author's last name):

Abe, Frank.  John Okada:  The Life and Rediscovered Work of the author of the No-No Boy.

Abe, Frank and Tamiko Nimura.  We Hereby Refuse:  Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration

Acho, Emmanuel.  Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man

Acho, Emmanuel. Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Boy

Abdurraqib, Hanif.  A Little Devil in America:  In Praise of Black Performance

Adjei-Brenyah, Kwame.Friday Black  

Alexander, Michelle The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. 

Alexander lays out in detail how the legal system is used to prevent Black people from attaining their legal rights, and essentially recreate slavery under another name.





Anderson, Carol. White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

                           The Second:  Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America
                           One Person, No Vote

Arunga, Marcia Tate.  The Stolen Ones and How They Were Missed

Asaka, Megan. Seattle From the Margins: Exclusion, Erasure, and the Making of a  Pacific Coast City.

Baldwin, James.  Any of his books

Berry, Daina Ramey and Kali Nicole Gross. A Black Women’s History of the United States

Brown, Michael.  Who Owns Native Culture?

Butler, Anthea. White Evangelical Racism:  the Politics of Morality in America

Coates, Ta-Nehisi.  The Beautiful Struggle
                               The Water Dancer
                               Between the World and Me

Deer, Ada. Making a Difference: My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice.

DiAngelo, Robin.  White Fragility:  Why It’s so Hard For White People to Talk About Racism. 

Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne. An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
Not a Nation of Immigrants: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy and a History of Erasure and Exclusion.

Dyson, Michael Eric.  Entertaining Race:  Performing Blackness in America

Eddo-Lodge, Reni. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Elkins, Caroline.  Legacy of Violence: a History of the British Empire

Fleming, Crystal M. How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide

Flood, Stacy O.  Salt Fields

Garbes, Angela.  Essential Labor:  Mothering as Social Change

Graeber, David and David Wengrow.  The Dawn of Everything: a New History of Humanity

Glaude, Eddie, Jr.  Begin Again:  James Baldwin’s American and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own
                    Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul

Graves, Joseph L., Jr.  A Voice in the Wilderness:  a Pioneering Biologist Explains How Evolution Can Help Us Solve Our Biggest Problems          with Alan H. Goodman:  Racism, Not Race:  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Grinde, Donald A.  Exemplar of Liberty: Native America and the Evolution of Democracy

Guzmán, Mónica.  I Never Thought of It That Way:  How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times

Hammond, Zaretta. Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students 

Hardesty, Von. Black Wings: Courageous Stories of African Americans in Aviation and Space History

Harris, Zakiya Dalila.  The Other Black Girl

Hendren, Sara.  What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World

Heumann, Judith.  Being Heumann:  an Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist

Hernandez, Kelly Lytle.  Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire & Revolution in the Borderlands.

Hinton, Anthony Ray. The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row

Hooks, Bell. Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism

Horace, Matthew and Ron Harris. The Black and the Blue: a Cop Reveals the Crimes, Racism and Injustice in America’s Law Enforcement

Jennings, Alex.  The Ballad of Perilous Graves (recommend the audio book)

Jerkins, Morgan.  Wandering in Strange Lands:  a Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots.

Johnson, Katherine.  My Remarkable Journey, a Memoir

Jones, Saeed. How We Fight For Our Lives, a Memoir

Kendi, Ibram X. How to be an Anti-Racist
   Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

Kendi, Ibram X. and Keisha N. Blaine (eds.) 400 Voices:  a Community History of African America,1619—2019. 

Masur, Kate.  Until Justice be Done:  America’s First Civil Rights Movement, From the Revolution to Reconstruction

King, Martin Luther. Why We Can't Wait

Laymon, Kiese. Heavy

Licata, Nick. Becoming a Citizen Activist: Stories, Strategies & Advice for Changing Our World.

López, Ian Haney.  Merge Left:  Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America
Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class

Mallory, Tamika D. State of Emergency:  How We Win in the Country We Built

Malcolm X  The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Mans, Jasmine.  Black Girl, Call Home

Marya, Rupa and Raj Patel. Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.

McClain, Dani.  We Live for the We: the Political Power of Black Motherhood

Menakem, Resmaa. My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

Metzl, Jonathan Dying of Whitness

Newitz, Annalee.  Four Lost Cities: a Secret History of the Urban Age

Oluo, Ijeoma:  So You Want to Talk About Race
                      Mediocre:  The Dangerous Legacy of What Male America

Orange, Tommy.  There There

Polakow-Suransky, Sasha Go Back to Where You Came From: the Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy

Prescod-Weinstein, Chandra The Disordered Cosmos: a Journey Into Dark Matter, Spacetime and Dreams Deferred

Rashidi, Runoko.  Black Star and African Presence in Early Europe

Reynolds, Jason and Brendan Kiely. All American Boys (audio book recommended)

Reynolds, Jason and Jason Griffin.  Ain’t Burned All the Bright (a graphic novel)

Rodney, Walter.  How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Rowe, Mickey. Fearlessly Different:  An Autistic Actor’s Journey to Broadway’s Biggest Stage

Rowe, Sheila Wise Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience

Ruffin, Amber and Lacey Lamer You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey:  Crazy Stories About Racism.

Saad, Layla Me and White Supremacy 

Sasaki, Matt.  Fighting for America:  Neisei Soldiers

Schuyler, George S. Black No More: Being An Account of the Strange and Wonderful Workings of Science in the Land of the Free, A.D. 1933-1940

Silberman, Steve.  Neurotribes: the Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity.

Slade, Paul.  Black Swan Blues: the Hard Rise and Brutal Fall of American’s First Black-Owned Record Label

Smith, Clint. How the Word is passed:  a Reckoning With the History of Slavery Across America

Smith, Tilman and Ilsa Govan What’s Up With White Women?

Smith, Tracy.  Such Color

Stein, Samuel. Capital City:  Gentrification and the Real Estate State

Stevenson, Bryan. Just Mercy

Strings, Sabrina. Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia.

Tizon, Alex.   Invisible People:  Stories of Lives on the Margins
Big Little Man, a Memoir

Sjunneson, Elsa.  Being Seen:  One Deafblind Woman’s Fight to End Ableism

Tubbs, Anna Malaika. The Three Mothers:  How the Mothers of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation.

Van Der Kolk, Bessel. The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

van Sertima, Ivan They Came Before Columbus:  the African Presence in Ancient America

Villanueva, Edgar.  Decolonizing Wealth:  Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance.

Vitale, Alex S. The End of Policing

Wajahat, Ali. Go Back to Where You Came From, and Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American

Wilkerson, Isabel.    The Warmth of Other Suns
Caste:  The Origins of our Discontent

Williams, Justin Michael. Stay Woke



  • Resmaa Menakem | “Notice the Rage, Notice the Silence” - click here
  • First podcast in “Seeing White” from Scene on Radio 
  • Isabel Wilkerson on The Great Migration and its effects
  • Isabel Wilkerson, Interview, including a discussion about Nazi Germany and S. Africa
  • Layla Saad:  Good Ancestors a series of podcasts with different guests
  • The Hidden Brain “How They See Us”


Videos and Films:

Films on Netflix:

  • Dear White People
  • Becoming
  • 13h a film by Ava DuVernay, that explores the legacy of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution 
  • They See Us
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Disclosure - Laverne Cox
  • Mudbound directed by Dee Rees
  • Coded Bias: an investigation of bias in algorithms for facial recognition
  • High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine has Transformed America  (also a book by Jessica B. Harris
  • Passing
  • Loving
  • Nope by Jordan Peele - click here for the trailer

On Amazon/Hulu:

  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Queen & Slim - by Melina Matsoukas

On ABC and Hulu

  • Kindred, based on the book by Octavia Butler
  • Blackish
  • Mixedish 
    • Two comedies that teach a great deal about Black History and issues around Living While Black

Websites and Articles Online 



From England:

From South Africa: 

From Greece:

Anti-Racist Training Workshop Information

Informationsmaterial auf Deutsch

Online Artikel

Audio Resources


  • Alice Hasters, Was weisse Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen aber wissen sollten, Hanser ISBN: 978-3-446-26425-0; Ein persönliches Buch im essayistischen Stil uber Alltagsrassismus und Mikroaggressionen
  • Tupoka Ogette: Exit Rascism, rasismuskritisch denken lernen, ISBN 978-3-89771-230-0, Juni 2020
  • Das Handbuch von Tupoka Ogette, um die Entstehung, Strukturen und Wirkungsweisen von Rassismus in Deutschland zu verstehen. Mit Übungen und Lesetipps und über QR-Codes kommt man zu weiterführende Artikel, Videos und Bilder
  • Selbsterkenntnis-und Sensibilisierungsprogramm.
    Noah Sow: deutschland schwarz weiss, ISBN: 9783746006819, Ausgabe 2018!
  • Maureen Maisha Eggers, Grada Kilomba, Peggy Piesche, Susan Arndt (Hg.): Mythen, Masken und Subjekte  - Kritische Weißseinsforschung in Deutschland, ISBN: 3-89771-440-X, 2017


Videos und Filme




  • ISD BUND e.V.  (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland) ist ein gemeinnütziger, eingetragener Verein. Sie haben es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht die Interessen Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland zu vertreten und für Gerechtigkeit in der Migrationsgesellschaft einzustehen. Seid mehr als 30 Jahren!
  • Crowdfunding: Rassismus ist für‘n Arsch. Das Klopapier gegen Rassismus. 100 000 Packungen Antirassistisches Klopapier für 100 000 Klos in Deutschland — und 100 000 EUR Spende für Antirassismus- und Empowerment-Workshops.

Ressources en français


  • Achille Mbempe Critique de la raison nègre
  • Brutalisme/Brutalism
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates Une colère noire: lettre à mon fils
  • Frantz Fanon Peau noire, masques blancs
  • Odile Tobner Du racisme français: quatres siècles de négrophobie, éd. les arènes 2007