Membership Services Committees

Board Liaisons: Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura & Diane Foust

Communications Committee

Communications Committee Co-Chairs:                                
Kathy Privatt | Appleton, WI, USA   
Joseph Weissenberg | Schäftlarn-Zell, Germany 

Committee Members:
Kirika Rotermund | Remagen, Germany
Rosa Luisa Rossi | Reinfelden, Switzerland
Lucie Pierro | Boca Raton, FL, USA
Peter Legowski | Columbia, MD, USA
Irma Hesz | Düsseldorf, Germany
Manuelle Borgel | Paria, France
Tania Canas | Mississauga, ON, Canada
Gaby Minnes Brandes | Vancouver, BC, Canada

ExChange Editor:
Julie Mulvihill | Sittard, Netherlands

Board Liaison:
Diane Foust

The mission of the ExChange is to connect the Alexander Technique International community through scholarly and creative research. The ExChange publishes two issues per year that are electronically distributed to the ATI membership as well as available by logging into the website. Because the ATI community is global and diverse, the ExChange is committed to multi-lingual publications.

Committee Purpose: The Communications Committee is responsible for communications with the membership, which includes our publications and our social media presence. ATI publishes a members-only newsletter, called the Communique, which serves to keep members informed about ATI activities and developments. We also publish our journal, the ExChange, which showcases articles about Alexander Technique teaching, practice, and how we can best bring the Alexander Technique to the world. 

International Committee

International Committee Co-Chairs:
Rosa Luisa Rossi | Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Daniela Mayer  |  Pullach i. Isartal, Germany

Committee Members:
Malané Hofmeye-Burger | Johannesburg, South Africa
Maria Saltiri | Thessaloniki, Greece
Kanae Tsuneki | Chiba, Japan

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Committee Purpose: The purpose of the International Committee is to ensure that ATI members of all nationalities and languages can participate fully in all ATI activities and business.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair:
Dana Calvey | New York, NY, USA

Committee Members:
Ashley Adams | Boston, MA, USA
Tania Canas | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Committee Purpose and Overview: The Membership Committee works to communicate member benefits, increase the tangible ATI Member benefits, and retain and increase ATI members. Membership Committee collaborates with the ATI Office on annual membership renewal. The Membership Committee creates social connections among members by hosting bi-monthly "ATI Social Hours" in varied time zones, and with translations. The committee supports new members by matching new ATI members with a volunteer member who can guide them through initial questions and orient them to ATI in their preferred language. The committee stays in touch with the membership regarding member benefits and any other issues that may arise. The committee's current projects focus on increasing ATI teacher visibility: 

  1. With the Communications committee, establish ATI Instagram to feature teachers, workshops, and general Alexander Technique information online.
  2. Drive internet and social media engagement to the ATI Teacher Directory and Map as the sought-after resource for the public to locate Alexander Technique Teachers.
  3. Work to include business and/or marketing training as an ATI member benefit.
  4. Establish Alexander Technique Awareness Month.