ATI Board & Committee Election Bios 2023 

The 2023 ATI Board & Committee Elections will be held virtually this year. Please read through our candidate bios before voting. If you would prefer to read the candidate bios in a different language, feel free to change the website into your preferred language using the Google Translate feature.

Committee bios below.

Board Positions

Executive Board Co-Chair: Gabriella Minnes Brandes (First term - First Year)  

I am excited to be a candidate for the position of Co-Chair of ATI's Board of Directors. I first joined ATI by recognition to support Alexander Technique organizations, and to complement my membership in CANSTAT /ATC, AmSAT and STAT.  With COVID, I, like everyone else, shut down my practice. After the initial shock, I was looking for new ways to continue my Alexander Technique explorations and decided to go through the ATI certification process. This provided an opportunity to connect with three wonderful sponsors and experience ATI’s process of certifying teachers from within. With my interest in education and training teachers, I became a sponsor teacher and completed the Demonstration of Knowledge to have the full picture of what teachers do in order to become ATI teaching members. Following that, I served on ATI committees and on its board, continuously learning about the organization, its structure and function, its history, mission, and vision.  I have appreciated the collaborative, open and supportive ways of operation on the board and its committees and I am eager to do more.

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 30 years and maintain an active practice at the Alexander Technique Centre in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught Alexander workshops for musicians, singers, horseback riders, and engineers (among others) as well as workshops for Alexander teachers.  For over a decade I taught the Alexander Technique in the Theatre Department at Capilano University. I was the founder and co-director of the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique, a three-year CANSTAT/ATC recognized school that ran for close to twenty years. 

Informed by my Ph.D. in education I am very interested in conducting research about the Alexander Technique. I am curious about the ways in which current theories of learning relate to teaching and learning the Alexander Technique. My research interests also focus on connections between creativity, music making, performance, and the application of concepts of the Alexander Technique. I am currently collaborating with Alexander teachers from the US, UK, and the Netherlands to study the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Stress Management. I received research grants from CANSTAT /ATC, AmSAT, and the FM Alexander Trust that supported my research projects, the fruits of which I have presented and published.  I particularly enjoy collaborating with performing art instructors, as I continue to hone my skills as a teacher and communicator.  

I am encouraged by the attention and care given in ATI to issues of representation and diversity; I am excited to work with others to promote Alexander Technique worldwide as we consider different modes of connecting and reaching others.  I am determined to listen to others in ATI and beyond ATI as we consider the role of the Alexander Technique in people’s lives and eager to connect with ATI supporters, to invite more ATI teachers, students, and members to be active in our organization, to find the spaces that fit their interests and modes of action, and to finding creative ways to share our findings within our community of AT teachers and with the larger community. 

Executive Board Director 2: Rachel Prabhakar (First Term - First Year)

Rachel Prabhakar teaches the Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, and Pilates at her metro Boston (US) studio. Her practice serves people with a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries, as well as dancers and athletes.

Rachel trained with Tommy Thompson at the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge and Debi Adams at the Boston Conservatory, graduating in 2013. She went on to complete further post-graduate work with Tommy Thompson. She is committed to ATI, and has served on the Ethics Advisory Committee for the past four years, serving as co-chair of the committee for the past two years.

Rachel received her Franklin Method Level 1 certification in 2021, Level 2 certification in 2022, and expects to complete her Level 3 certification in Sept 2023. She received her Pilates Level 2 Instructor certification from the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) in 2009, and then completed an advanced apprenticeship at the renowned Melbourne studio Balance & Control. Prior to undertaking Pilates certification, Rachel spent a decade working as a software engineer. She holds a BA from Cornell University and an MA from the University of Chicago.

Executive Board Director 3: Seeking Candidates

If you are interested in serving on the ATI Board of Directors, please reach out to [email protected]

Committee Chair Positions

Membership Services Committees

International Committee Chair: Rosa Luisa Rossi (First Term, First Year)

Rosa Luisa Rossi has recently finished her second term as Co-Chair of ATI's Board of Directors.  She is now standing for election as the Chair of the International Committee. Rosa Luisa says, "I would like to continue to offer my services to ATI on the International Committee, as I started an initiative during my time as Co-Chair to connect with all ATI members outside the US. In addition to being an ATI member, I am also a member of the Swiss Affiliated Society SBAT. I know how rewarding it is to also be a member of ATI and participate in what ATI has to offer. My goal is to create a networked communication and collaboration between the existing cultures in ATI and I wish that many Alexander Technique colleagues from around the world will want to participate in this vibrant professional organization."

Rosa Luisa initially trained in Switzerland and further studied with Marjorie Barstow, Tommy Thompson, Cathy Madden and many other teachers from different styles of AT teaching. Rosa Luisa Rossi has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1986. A primary interest for Rosa Luisa is to research the complexities of human development and well-being.  

By intensively studying F.M. Alexander’s work and with extensive experiences in applying the work of the self in activity, she has a unique perspective on the Technique in the working world.

She currently teaches many different strata of workers, from laborers to corporate executives. In the past she has worked for prestigious clients in Switzerland such as the Swiss National Bank, Zurich Insurance, Thomy Nestlé, Siemens SA, Straumann SA., Victorinox SA and she was part of the Team from Priska Gauger-Schelbert, Switzerland, who is offering `Health Management at the working place`. The value of the Technique is now beginning to spread out to other companies and sectors. 

Since 2014 Rosa Luisa has engaged as an Alexander Technique coach at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, working with several professors in different programs. These professors are experts for developing global leaders through high-impact executive education.

Rosa Luisa Rossi was one of the 2008 Int. AT Congress Directors in Lugano. She helped create the ATCA Alexander Technique Congress Association in 2008. She is committed to helping to develop the Alexander Technique worldwide.

Teacher Competence Committees

Certification Coordinating Committee Chair: Joe Krienke (First Term - First Year)

Joe Krienke has been teaching movement and physical theater in higher education since 1999. He graduated from the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique in 2009 and has been an ATI Certified Teacher since 2013. He was the editor of the Communiqué and the chair of the communications committee from 2017-2019, has been a member of the certificate coordination committee since 2019, and an ATI Sponsor since 2020. He is the Co-founder of Soma Studios in Minneapolis, MN, the Program Director for Soma's AT Teacher Training Program, and is a Acting/Movement Lecturer in the BFA Acting Program at the University of Minnesota. Joe holds an MFA in Theater, is an NASM certified personal trainer, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. His passion for movement is surpassed only by his passion for teaching.

Professional Development Committee Co-Chair: Kanae Tsuneki  (Second Term - First Year)

Kanae Tsuneki was trained in Tokyo at ATA, Jeremy Chance’s Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program, where she studied with Sarah Barker, Cathy Madden and Tommy Thompson among others. She became an ATI teaching member in 2008. Kanae was awarded a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from Kunitachi College of Music and a Master of Arts in Human Development Science from the Open University Japan.   In addition to teaching the Alexander Technique, she teaches flute, voice and Montessori education at Studio Joyce-s-tage in Yachiyo-city Chiba-Pref.  She has been invited to teach all over Japan. She also frequently serves as an English-Japanese interpreter for Alexander Technique lessons. 

Professional Development Committee Co-Chair: Yuuka Shibayama  (Second Term - First Year)

Yuuka Shibayama
finished her training at Alexander Alliance Kyoto and became an ATI teaching member in 2001. She has been serving as Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee since 2021.

She taught at Aru Quality Pro, one of the teacher training programs of Alexander's work in Japan, for almost ten years. At the same time, she studied at several post-graduate programs overseas. As a Japanese-English translator, she helps students not only of Alexander's work but also of other somatic methods, such as the Feldenkrais method and Pilates. She enjoys meeting people who have various kinds of background and get interested in Alexander's work. She had a chance to teach at Meadowmount School of Music as an assistant teacher. She lives in Kobe with her husband, her mother-in-law, and two cats.

Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair: Teresa Lee (First Term - First Year)

Teresa Lee
is a movement specialist and theatre artist-educator. She began her formal Alexander Technique studies in 1991 at the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia and became an ATI certified teacher in 1995. Teresa teaches private lessons online and in person. She conducts Alexander Technique workshops and residencies for actors at professional theatres, universities and conferences in the U.S. Teresa has served two terms on the board of Alexander Technique International and is a current Sponsor. She has served many years on the faculty of Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies Teacher Training and the Alexander Technique at Sevenoaks summer course. Teresa’s chapter on Alexander Technique and actor training is included in Movement for Actors, Allworth Press. She is a recently retired Professor Emeritus of Theatre at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, where she taught the Alexander Technique, Movement, Acting and Children’s Theatre. Teresa is a professional stage director, movement coach, stage combat choreographer, theatrical intimacy director/coach and actor.  

After taking a hiatus from ATI service for a time, Teresa re-activated her commitment to ATI service in 2019. In fall of 2021, she joined the Continuing Education Committee and has been active in helping to shape the current policies and procedures for CEC reporting. As a life-long educator, Teresa views continuing education as an intrinsic element of a vital teacher. She believes that “continuing education is essentially embedded in our practice because we are perpetually learning through our teaching and engagement with other A.T. teachers. ATI is dedicated to ensuring opportunities for engagement and growth within our teaching and learning community. The formal process of reporting our continuing education is a way of strengthening our professional organization as a whole. I would be honored to serve ATI in that process by co-chairing the Continuing Education Committee, if elected.” 

Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair: Jana S. Tift (First Term - First Year)

Jana S. Tift has taught the Alexander Technique and movement for actors for over twenty years in both academic and professional settings. She trained at the Alexander Foundation, certifying in 1994, and she has enjoyed teaching AT in academic and private practice. Jana has taught workshops for actors, singers, and instrumentalists at public schools, universities, and theatres throughout the Eastern U.S., as well as leading workshops at the AT Congress in 2022 in Berlin, the ATI Annual General Meeting and Conference online in 2021 and 2022, the Southeastern Theatre Conference, the International University Theatre Association and the Florida Professional Theatres Association. Jana is the co-author (with Meade Andrews, PhD) of Your Body Knows: A Movement Guide for Actors (Routledge, 2020)She has served on the ATI Continuing Education Committee since 2021. Her interest in the CE committee is that continuing education be fair and easily accessible to all ATI members, while creating a framework through which we develop a process of learning and support for our members and a sense of accountability and credibility to the public.

Guidance and Governance Committees

Ethics Advisory Committee Co-Chair:  Corinne Cassini (First Term - First Year)

My name is Corinne Cassini. I am an Alexander Technique teacher, cellist, and gambist, certified teaching member of ATI since 2011. I have an established AT teaching practice and teacher training course in Boone, North Carolina alongside my position as a senior lecturer of the Alexander Technique at Appalachian State University, Hayes School of Music since 2012. Although performing is no longer my main gig, I still enjoy performing on the cello and gamba with my colleagues a few times a year. 
I am honored to have been elected an ATI sponsor in 2021. I have served on the International Committee (currently back as Chair and on IC as a member or chair since 2015, leaving this Fall), on the CEC (2015-2022), and on Nominations (2013-2017). I am keen to continue serving ATI on the FCPC and EAC committee starting in the Fall of 2023, should I be elected by the membership.
I completed a three-year (06-09) Alexander Technique training at ATON in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Arie-Jan Hoorweg while working as a baroque cellist and teaching cello and French as a foreign language. I then went on to complete two years of post-graduate work under Tommy Thompson at the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge, MA from 2010-2012, while starting my AT teaching practice in NYC and Boston. I continue to deepen my practice through working with myself, my students, trainees, and various senior teachers such as Tommy Thompson, Betsy Polatin, Bruce Fertman, and Robyn Avalon, whom I have been able to work with in-person and/or online in the past years. I also participate in ATIs ACGMs each year and was in Berlin and Limerick for those Congresses. I am a member of the Alexander Technique Liberation Project (ATLP) dedicated to creating safer spaces within our communities for diversity, equity, joy, and belonging. 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the EAC alongside Irene as a co-chair because I value what this special committee is responsible for upholding, namely integrity, safety, connection, dialog, and transparency. Our profession and our teachers need support and a safe haven when something goes awry and the EAC is the guardian of our code of Ethics and our values as a professional organization. I am interested in furthering the "complaint procedure" the EAC has been revising these past years. I am patient, a good communicator, and capable of understanding a situation from multiple (and opposing) perspectives. I am a natural mediator committed to dialog, keeping open channels of communication, and working toward peaceful resolutions. I believe that my interest in the past few years in being a "trauma-informed" teacher will serve me well on this committee. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Ethics Advisory Committee Co-Chair: Irene Schlump (Second Term - Second Year)

I have been a member of ATI since 2011. As an ATI fledgling, I was privileged to be part of the first fully international board (5 posts - 5 countries). I got to know ATI in a very practical and above all learning way. Since the beginning of my membership I have provided support for ATI's translation activities as coordinator for Germany. For a short time I was also a member of the Continuing Education Committee. Through these activities and visits to ATI conferences, Corinne Cassini and I have gotten to know each other in many respects. I would be happy to serve with her as co-chair of the Ethics Advisory Committee. 

During my time on the board, there occurred a case that was dealt with by the Ethic Advisory Committee and was so far-reaching in its consequences that the board had to be involved. At that time I was deeply impressed by the Ethic Advisory Committee's objective, embedded in the Terms of References. The Ethic Advisory Committee is, at best, a committee that flourishes quietly and yet is a crucial part of ATI's integrity. I am grateful to be a part of it since 2020. 

„Growing up sheltered in a small village in Germany, I have had a sense of injustice and oppressive behavior from an early age and questioned it. I am fire. In the fire is tranquility. Is a quiet place of peace, kindness and necessity that gives me the ground to find pragmatic solutions if they serve to find equity for all involved and the cause. I find it exciting to understand life as a whole and explore how leading and following live in the principle of integrity, simplicity and in the arts. The Alexander Technique is a driving tool in this.“ From the Winter ExChange 2022: From NOW onwards a Table is not enough!  

The article, written in collaboration with Sharyn West, allows a glimpse into my (our) vision of a Listening Practice and "how this can feed into organizational structure but stays an end for itself.“  

In my further life I work as a teacher of Alexander Technique (since 2006) and as an actress in Bochum, Germany with a focus on theater pedagogical work with children on the subjects of sexual exploitation, recycling and democracy issues in the broadest sense.  

I am the author of the Classroom Theater piece "Alles viel zu viel zuviel (Everything way too much)" with which I successfully tour. In 2021 I coordinated the interdisciplinary project TRUE BLUE, which realizes spaces for artistic exploration of sustainable art and cultural production and natural and cultural diversity in two places in the world (Bochum/DE, Winterveldt/ZA). (funded from: Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and also from Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.)  

I completed my training as a teacher for the Alexander Technique at the AlexanderAlliance, Germany (2002-2006) with Bruce Fertman, Martha Hansen-Fertman, Robin Avalon, Midori Shinkai and Zoana Gepner-Müller as my main teachers. Among others, Nadia Kevan, Tommy Thompson, Penelope Easten, Yehuda Kuperman and Margarete Tüshaus have inspired me on my way. 

Before that, I became a nurse and studied theater, film and television. In 1996, I worked for 3 months at the Oasis Theatre in New York as part of a work experience program.  

I work integrating and I am controversial. I am tough and warm-hearted. I can keep track of things and have a love for the detail. Since its beginning, I have also been involved in the Just Inclusion (formerly Racism and Diversity) working group. I am also a member of the German professional society ATD, which was founded in 2010 with the aspiration to shape an open society that doesn't ask what you are but who you are. As a small organization, we value flat hierarchies, a minimum of bureaucracy, and organizing continuing education for the broader AT community.  

I am a 56 year old white cis woman.  

After 3 years as a member of the EAC, I present myself to you for election as co-chair for my last year on the Ethics Committee. We have done a lot of administrative work, wrestled with words and meanings, sought to understand Ethical Advisory Committee tasks and policies, weighed relevance and connection for the 21st century, and through working together have also become more involved in our vulnerability, visions, and ideas. I would like to explore this year with Corinne Cassini, newly up for election on the EAC, how leading and following can be embedded in practicing a Listening Practice. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the inspiration and encouragement I have received through the shared experiences with Sharyn West.   

What questions will we encounter? What is it that I am doing?

Ethics Advisory Committee Member: Shawn L. Copeland (First Term - First Year)

Shawn L. Copeland is a multidimensional musician, pedagogue, and entrepreneur whose talents have made him a leader in both the performance and musician wellness spaces. He is the founder of mBODYed, LLC, a new program specializing in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping Training for performers. His interest in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping began in 1997 at the Brevard Music Center. It was here where Copeland’s passion surrounding holistic teaching began. He believes in the inclusion of the body in the creative process and strives to create a safe place for the whole person to learn. His pedagogy teaches that the body represents lived experiences and seeks to affirm these experiences while helping students grow. Through his work with performing musicians, he has helped hundreds of musicians improve their performance and understand the nature of their performance-related injuries. He is a training mentor with the Association of Body Mapping Education and a sponsoring teacher with Alexander Technique International. Together with Bill Conable, they founded and direct the Inter-Mountain Alexander Training in Spokane, WA. He is the co-author of the upcoming publications, Body Mapping for Clarinetists and Breathing for Clarinets. Shawn has been studying Nervous System Energy Healing since 2010 and explores the many intersections of energy work and Alexander Technique in his teaching and research.

Shawn joined ATI in 2006, when he joined the Board as Treasurer (2006-2009). From 2009-2017, he has served in various leaderships roles including committee member and Co-Chair of Continuing Education, Agenda Planning, and ACGM Site between 2009-2017. 

In addition to extensive performance experience and somatic training, Shawn holds a master’s degree in Non-Profit Management and a Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Cornell University. He currently serves on the University of Idaho’s Presidential Council on Diversity and Inclusion, Chair of the Diversity and Belonging Committee with the Association of Body Mapping Education and the DEI representative on the Artistic Committee for the International Clarinet Association’s upcoming Clarinet Fest 2025.  

“I am humbled by the nomination to join the Ethics Advisory Committee. The exiting members of the committee asked me to submit a statement about why I wish to be on the committee.  I feel that question can be best answered by sharing the life experiences that I bring to the committee:

In 2019, I published the CD Recording: Pulse: The Music of Carlos Velez.  The title track, Pulse, is a sonata for clarinet and piano which commemorates those who lost their lives in the Pulse Night Club Attack on June 12, 2016. Following the release, I toured with a program that celebrated LGBTQIA+ people and their music. These performances created a space for students to share their fears surrounding the Pulse Night Club shooting and living as an “out” LGBTQIA+ individual within the clarinet community.  These discussions were a clear example to me of representation, and the important role that I now play in the lives of these college students.  Together, we are doing the important work of paving the way for inclusion within the performing clarinet world.

During the COVID quarantine I completed a certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Cornell University. DEI work has become a passion and mission of my work and has led to my participation on the University of Idaho Presidential Council of Diversity and Inclusion and the college DEI Committees, Chair of the Diversity and Belonging Committee for the Association of Body Mapping Education, and the DEI representative on the Artistic Committee for Clarinetfest 2025 of the International Clarinet Association.

The work of inclusion and belonging associated with these positions has significantly influenced my teaching. I see the Alexander Technique as a pathway to developing safety, trust, and belonging within our own bodies.  My work has focused on gender inclusion and how gender is expressed in movement.

While ATI leads the field as an inclusive organization, fostering diversity and belonging within ATI and the larger community will require a trauma-informed approach in leadership and policy development. I’m excited to bring these skills and experience in Inclusion and Belonging to ATI by working on the Ethics Advisory Committee.”

Ethics Advisory Committee Member: Dale Beaver (First Term - First Year)

Dale Beaver became a certified teaching member of ATI in 1996 after a 10-year period of study with Bill Conable and others who trained with Marjorie Barstow. He holds a degree in music, has been an organist and choir director for over 45 years. In the early years of ATI, Dale served in a key role as Co-Chair (with Monica Gray) of what was then called the Ethics Committee. He also served on the annual general meeting committee in 1996. For more than 20 years, he has taught residential Alexander Technique workshops throughout the United States as well as state music conventions throughout the Great Lakes region. For eleven years he taught Alexander Technique courses at Ohio State University in the School of Music, Dance Department and Theater Department and was Director of Health and Wellness for the School of Music at OSU.  

Dale is choosing to return to the Ethics Advisory Committee at this time to provide a historical context as ATI moves forward. Along with continued regular Alexander studies with colleagues, he studies energy work with James Kepner and Carol DeSanto, and has been certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy work. 

Formal Consensus Planning Committee Chair: Seeking Candidates
If you are interested in serving as the Formal Consensus Planning Committee chair, please reach out to [email protected]

Nominations Committee Chair: Dianne Sales (Second Term - First Year)

Dianne SalesCertified Alexander Technique Teacher, CFA. Dianne is currently a general member of ATI and was elected Chair of the Nominations Committee in 2022.  She is now running to be confirmed as Co-Chair, (Second Term, First Year) following Robin Gilmore's appointment as  Co-Chair in 2022 by the Board. 

After a decade of study as a student, Dianne completed her teacher training at the Alexander Technique Training Center at Cambridge. Dianne studied primarily under Tommy Thompson, with adjunct training from Debi Adams, Bob Lada and Jamee Culbertson among others. She completed a 2-year internship using AT as part of the Performance Awareness class at the Berklee College of Music under Bob Lada. Following her graduation, Dianne completed a two year postgraduate study program under Tommy Thompson.

Dianne has taught the Technique from her home studio in Boston, MA since 2020.  Prior to becoming an Alexander Technique Teacher, Dianne spent over two decades in investment management, while also studying acting and voice.

Nominations Committee Chair: Robin Gilmore (First Term - Second Year)

ROBIN GILMORE, MFA, began studying the Alexander Technique and other somatic disciplines in 1980.  Qualifying to teach in 1986, she is a Teaching Member and Sponsor of ATI. She is currently serving a one-year Board appointment as Nominating Committee Co-Chair, and is now standing for election by ATI's membership to complete the second year of this term.   Previously she served as Nominating Committee Chair from 2008-2012. During that time, ATI’s Board of Directors became truly international. 

Robin directed an Alexander Technique teacher training program in Greensboro, NC from 2004-2022 and was the director of the Kyoto Alexander Program in Japan in the 1990s. She is a faculty member on several annual AT residential courses and has presented workshops at numerous universities and Alexander Technique conferences and Congresses. She is the author of What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body, and has written numerous published articles. Robin has been dancing her entire life. Her choreography has been presented internationally. Home is Annapolis, Maryland. 


Conference Planning Committees

Agenda Planning Committee Co-chair: Danielle Loesch (Second Term - First Year)

Danielle Loesch (Standing) and Elyse Shafarman, being taught by Frank Ottiwell.

I found this work through my interest in pain relief and expanded consciousness, and my first “aha” moment hooked me for life. My training began in 2001 at Frank Ottiwell’s school in San Francisco, continued in 2014 at Dan Armon’s school in Berlin, and finished in 2021 at Catherine Kettrick & David Mills’ school in Seattle! In my early days, I had the honor of working with Marjorie Barlow, Walter Carrington, and Elisabeth Walker. I’ve also trained as a Rubenfeld Synergist and done some Feldenkrais training. The AT has been a central part of my life for so long that I’m very pleased to continue my journey as a teacher of this profound work.

Agenda Planning Committee Co-chairSeeking Candidates
If you are interested in serving as the Agenda Planning Committee Co-chair, please reach out to [email protected]

Site Committee Chair: Seeking Candidates
If you are interested in serving as the Site Committee Chair, please reach out to [email protected]


Communications Committees

Communications Committee Co-Chair: Kathy Privatt (Second Term, First Year)

Kathy Privatt welcomes the opportunity to apply Alexander Technique to any activity, and deeply appreciates the connections revealed. She graduated from Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies with Robin Gilmore and Marsha Paludan, and was certified by Alexander Technique International in 2010.  An Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, she teaches Alexander Technique Classes at Lawrence University, conducts workshops for a variety of communities, and also offers private lessons.  She has been learning and serving as Communications Co-Chair for the last year, and looks forward to building on what she has learned.

Communications Committee Co-Chair: Joseph Weissenberg (First Term, Second Year)

Joseph Weissenberg, Alexander Technique Teacher and piano teacher, ATI Teaching Member by Certification (2023), Certification by ATVD (2006) and by AmSAT (2001).

Joseph Weissenberg is currently serving as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee along with Kathy Privatt.  He was appointed by the Board in 2023, after the Co-Chair position opened.  Joseph has focused on on-line and social media presence for the Committee. He is now standing for election by the membership to the role of Co-Chair, Communications Committee.

In 1997-1998, Joseph trained with Joan and Alex Murray in Urbana-Champaign, IL and 1998-2000 with Ruth Kilroy (ATTC) and a postgraduate program with Rivka Cohen 2000-2002 Boston.  From 2008-2012, Joseph was a member of the German society for Alexander Technique (ATVD).  Joseph has a PhD in Music Education: Alexander Technique and Stage Presence (University Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria 2014, published 2015), an MA in music and dance pedagogy (1996) and a BA in French Horn (1987 Mozarteum/Salzburg). Additional achievements: Diploma in Kinesiology, certified Systemic Coach. 

Since 2005, Joseph has operated a private studio south of Munich, Germany - which since 2020 is partly also offered online. Since 2018, he has been studying marketing Alexander Technique for the virtual world. He has developed several trainings from the Alexander Technique, like Micro-Movement Training, Movement Listening – a high sensitive 7 step muscle awareness training in 3 Levels with 10 training variations, minimal dynamic stretching, Eye-Body Coordination, Meditations (Publication: Soul Room Meditations 2022 in German), Stage Performance Training and Response Pattern Training shown at Visual Cues. Right now, he is establishing (DAA) Deep Awareness Academy with an Online Training Program for Athletes and Artists.


Dear ATI Members, we have had some difficulty identifying members who are able and willing to take on the roles of Chair, Co-Chair or committee membership.  Several Committees are in need of expanded membership, including the Site Committee, the Membership Committee and the Certification Coordinating Committee.  If you are a member willing and interested in becoming more active, there are many opportunities.  New Members, Old Members, Members In Between – all are welcomed with enthusiasm! We are especially in need of those with social media skills…

ATI thrives through the active participation of you, its members! Those who have stepped forward to serve find it a rewarding way to contribute to our profession. We know it can seem daunting at first, but new volunteers get lots of great support from those who are already involved. If you aren’t ready to take on a leadership role, do consider joining a committee. Also, please note that service time on a Committee can be counted toward ongoing education/service hours for reporting to ATI.  Please help us in our endeavor! 

You can reach out to Dianne Sales via email ([email protected]) or via voice or text at 01-617-318-8825.