ATI Fees for Sponsor Certification Sessions

(as of 6/16/23)

Standard fee is set at $100 US per certification session in the United States. The fee for each country in which ATI has members is determined using the World Bank Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Conversion Factor. Using this factor, the countries are put into three tiers. We are using the PPP conversion factor December 2022 for the next year; after that the fee and country equivalents will be updated by the Board or CCC.

ATI Sponsors will charge the rate for the country in which the candidate resides, no matter where the certification session takes place.

The fee is paid directly to the ATI Sponsor, except for candidates attending the Pre-Day at the ATI conference, where it is combined with the conference fee. In this case it is 75% of the standard fee of the country in which the candidate resides.

Each ATI Sponsor is obligated to charge the appropriate fee for the certification session. There is no option of reducing or waiving the fee; however, they may choose to donate the charged fee to ATI in lieu of financial gain.

Fee for an ATI certification session:

Tier 1: $100 Tier 2: $82.50 Tier 3: $55
United States France Greece
Australia Germany Portugal
Canada Austria Brazil
Ireland Sweden Romania
Norway Italy Hungary
New Zealand Japan Israel
Switzerland Korea South Africa
United Kingdom  Slovenia