2022 Annual Conference Sponsorship Election Applications

Hello! Please read through our ATI Sponsor applications, both for re-election, and new nominations. Click through the table of contents below to read through the information from each applicant. If you would prefer to read the application in a different language, feel free to change the website into your preferred language using the Google Translate feature. 

Sponsors up for Re-election

Rosa Luisa Rossi
David Mills
Bob Lada
Tommy Thompson
Cathy Madden
Gilles Estran

New Sponsor Nominations

Ulrich Funke
anae Tsuneki


Sponsors up for Re-election

Rosa Luisa Rossi

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: 20+

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended: 

  1. Online - 2020
  2. London - 2016
  3. Japan - 2018
  4. Ireland - 2019


  • ATI Board as co-chair

Number of lessons per week: 5

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: over 30

Training apprenticeships or programs: Body Chance, Tokyo, Japan

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor: The ATI Sponsorship process is nowadays a very valuable and intelligent means whereby I can test and approve the quality of applicants coming from different ways of training. We need ATI Sponsors in Europe.

Describe how you evaluate candidates: After I have receive the applicants request I send a questionnaire which I follow up with a telephone or zoom call. This gives me a good insight of the past, present and future situation of the applicant. I use the ATI Criteria for the process, I am strict in my testing approach and the quality of my ATI Sponsorship process is supportive.

Teaching approach/philosophy: My inspiration for applying the AT principles in my life and in my teaching are the titles of the four books of FM. Alexander in one sentence: `The Mans Supreme Inheritance is his capacity of Constructive, Conscious Control in the Use of him or herself in accordance to the Universal Constant in Living.`

David Mills

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: Unknown

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended: 

  1. Online - 2020
  2. Seattle - 2017


Professional Development Committee
Currently working on new bylaws

Number of lessons per week: N/A

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: >4

Training apprenticeships or programs: Performance School

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor: I feel a special responsibility as the originator of the ATI sponsorship model and having served as the original CCC when it was still ad hoc. The Performance School does still have a teacher education program, and it is valuable to our graduates both to be able to be one of their ATI sponsors and to be able to recommend others for them to contact.

Describe how you evaluate candidates: My process is an observed lesson and two conversations. The first is a general discussion of the candidate's knowledge and personal understanding of the Alexander Technique and what it means to teach it. As of now this conversation is based on my reading of the candidate's written Demonstrations of Knowledge, so it is comprehensive and in depth. Then I watch the candidate teach a lesson. During this the candidate is fully in charge and the interaction is entirely between them and their student. I prefer this to be a 'first lesson' but it may not be.The second conversation is based on the lesson, why they made the choices they did, what they learned from it, what it revealed about how their understanding was expressed 'in practice.' It often also includes opportunities for improvement, things to watch for as they grow as teachers, ways to leverage their strengths etc.

Teaching approach/philosophy: I believe this work is much simpler and less esoteric than most people find it. I think that how we practice is grounded in how we understand the fundamental ideas and that the connection between them is worth attending to. I think that the work is Platonic, in the sense that is not about giving or transferring anything to the student but rather helping them to discover and use abilities they had not recognized in themselves. So my style is grounded in a fascination with the movement possibilities of every person and my desire to share that fascination with them.

Bob Lada

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: 31

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended:

  1. Online - 2020
  2. Seattle - 2017


  1. CCC

  2. Membership

Number of lessons per week: 8 group, 4 individual

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: 10

Training apprenticeships or programs: As a trainer Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, Tommy Thompson; Boston Conservatory at Berklee Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course, Debi Adams; Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies, Robin Gilmore; Alexander Technique Teacher Training, Boone, NC, Corinne Cassini; I have had apprentices

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor: I enjoy both sponsoring and mentoring new teachers

Describe how you evaluate candidates: in no particular order:

  1. Have you the teacher give a 5 to 10 minute talk on the anatomy topic of your choice.
  2. Go over two ethics scenarios, relating them to the ATI code of Ethics and also go over the full code of Ethics..
  3. Watch the teacher teach a 15 minute (or so) timed lesson
  4. Have the teacher work with me
  5. Talk about both specific lessons that went well and went badly
  6. I work with the teacher for a bit
  7. Ask for their definition of AT
  8. Ask what I could have done better in the evaluation

Tommy Thompson

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: 12

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended: 

  1. Online - 2021
  2. Online - 2020
  3. London - 2016
  4. Seattle - 2017
  5. Ireland - 2019


  1. International committee

  2. Vision/Mission
  3. Nominations

Number of lessons per week: 40

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: 47

List any teacher training apprenticeships or 3-year training programs you have participated in: Cannot recall over 30 worldwide during my career

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor:  To continue to support the original vision ATI

Describe how you evaluate candidates: I have them submit a brief essay explaining why they have chosen to teach before we meet and to answer a questionnaire prior to our meeting. I respond to their essay with questions and observations prior to sponsoring them. I ask them to choose two people unfamiliar with the AT to teach if the session is online only one if in person. Their person expresses something Unreconciled in their life or a need to be addressed as the basis for the lesson. The candidate works with them I observe and ask questions about their choices the candidate makes as a teacher when teaching. I have them work with me. I work with them in the questionnaire I ask them to choose something in the code of ethics to expound upon.

Teaching approach/philosophy: To invite any given person to explore who they might actually be rather than who they think they need to be to be themselves

Cathy Madden  

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: 29

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended: 

  1. Online - 2020
  2. London - 2016
  3. Seattle - 2017
  4. Japan - 2018
  5. Ireland - 2019


  1. Formal Consensus Process Committee
  2. Vision Mission,
  3. Host, Islandwood Annual Meeting
  4. FCP Facilitator

Number of lessons per week: 20-25

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: 25+

List any teacher training apprenticeships or 3-year training programs you have participated in: My own BodyChance, Japan (ongoing) BodyMinded, Sydney (ongoing)Melbourne Alexander School (annual workshops prior to pandemic)Self-Quest, Japan (annual workshop)Aru Quality Pro (annual workshops prior to pandemic South Bank Alexander School, London (one workshop)

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor: The ATI Sponsorship Process upholds quality of teaching as well as freedom to choose the way you train and the way you teach. Being an ATI Sponsor is one way that I uphold these vital pillars of our profession.

Describe how you evaluate candidates: This is the process that Cathy told the ATI membership she would follow in evaluating candidates.

Background Information 

Download all the forms from the ATI website and review the requirements. 

Please send your resume, including training in AT and related fields.

Please send letters from 3 people who have had lessons from you.

Please send a short essay about why you want to teach the Alexander Technique.

In response to a new requirements from ATI I have added—

Please pick one of the “points” from the ATI Code of Ethics and write a short discussion of its importance to you. 

Also, there is a new requirement from ATI:
ATI will require written acknowledgement that an ATI teaching certificate candidate has completed a process to learn to teach the FM Alexander Technique. This requirement will be satisfied in the following manner: each ATI teaching candidate must submit to each sponsor, before being evaluated, a copy of the candidate’s training certificate, or a letter from an Alexander Technique teacher confirming successful completion of a training process. This Alexander Technique teacher will have played a significant role in this process such as trainer or mentor. A “significant role” means a relationship of continuous work and study. A copy of either document must be included in the Certified Teacher Application packet.


Please prepare the first 10 minutes of a talk introducing the Alexander Technique.   I will observe the talk, which you can give to me or to the students you are teaching for your teaching demonstration.

I will observe you teaching for an hour.  This can be two private lessons or an hour’s group lesson.  Or one private lesson and a half-hour group lesson.

(I am able to do this by Video if that works better for you.)

After I watch you teach, I will be talking with you about your teaching choices.  I will also be asking questions about anatomy, Alexander Technique literature, ATI’s Code of Ethics, etc.  to confirm that you have fulfilled those requirements.


ATI has set $100 US as the Sponsorship Fee.

Teaching approach/philosophy: My short description of Alexander's process: Constructive Conscious Kindness to Yourself Cooperating with your Design Serving your desires and dreams.


Gilles Estran

Applicants Sponsored in last 5 years: 11

ATI Annual Conference & AGMs Attended:

  1. Online - 2020
  2. London - 2016

Committees: Chair adjoint du Bureau 2011-2014 ?

Number of lessons per week: 20

Number of workshops presented in the last 5 years: 10

Training apprenticeships or programs: Peter Nobes, Londres - Catherine Vernerie : Apt - Ulrich Funck, Toulouse

Reason for re-qualifying as an ATI Sponsor: Pour servir et représenter ATI en France.

Describe how you evaluate candidates: 1) Chaque fois que c'est possible, la personne vient passer 2 ou 3 jours, ou plus, dans mon école.2) Nous pratiquons ensemble (c'est en goûtant le pudding qu'on voit s'il est bon), et j'observe la manière de pratiquer avec les autres et de transmettre les principes de la TA.3) Nous échangeons sur notre vision des principes de la TA et je pose les questions qui me paraissent le plus adaptées au propos ou à la situation. Référence aux livres de FM Alexander ou tout autre source.4) Si la personne le désire elle peut faire une présentation théorique de la TA ou d'un sujet particulier lié à la TA, ou encore donner un atelier de groupe sur la TA et/ou en lien avec ses propres spécificités professionnelles.4) Le fait de passer du temps ensemble me permet de mieux connaître la personne, et de la voir se comporter dans sa pratique Alexander, mais aussi dans son quotidien et dans ses aptitudes relationnelles.5) Pour finir, je lui fais un retour, de tout ce qui me semble acquis chez elle, et des points qui pourraient être développés et explorés en complément par la suite.

Teaching approach/philosophy: La Technique Alexander est un processus éducatif qui met en évidence le lien incontournable Corps-Conscience-Environnement. En nous invitant à nous placer au Centre de l'expérience, c'est une approche psychocorporelle autant que relationnelle et spirituelle, dont la clé universelle passe par l'éducation d'une attention sans faille au moment présent et l'ouverture du Coeur au monde.Ma philosophie : "MOINS c'est PLUS !"


New Sponsor Nominations

Ulrich Funke

Date of ATI Certificate: 06/30/1997

Nominator 1: Catherine Vernerie
ATI Sponsor?: Yes


Nominator 2: Anne Zimmer
ATI Sponsor?: No


Nominator 3: Maryse Bernine
ATI Sponsor?: No


Training teachers and locations:

  1. Marie Françoise Le Foll was the director of my training, and actually the person who trained me in the 1990s

  2. Christine Hardy, Laurence Schiffrine, Brigitte Condi and Gilles Estran were the principal assistants and important persons also
  3. Tommy Thompson was a current guest teacher and a person I love, who's teaching was so important for me and who contributed greatly to my understanding of the work. I worked regularly with him also after the training, in the 2010s.
  4. Jeremy Chance was a current guest teacher who came to the training course, in the 1990s
  5. Schmuel Nelken also came to the school for several times, during my training in the 1990s;
  6. Hubert Godard, who is not an ATI teacher but a fabulous anatomist and "body in movement" worker
  7. Bruce and Martha Fertman, in the 1990s;
  8. Then our exchanges with Gilles Estran and with the other training courses
  9. Catherine Vernerie
  10. Lucia Carbone
  11. Xavier Morand
  12. Corinne Mencarelli
  13. Anne Zimmer....

Training dates: 01/01/1993 - 06/30/1997

How long have you been a teacher?: I've been a teacher for 25 years now (2 weeks left)

Have you been teaching regularly since you completed your training?: Yes

Average # of lessons/classes: 15 - 20

Do you train Alexander teachers?: Yes

How long have you been training Alexander teachers?: 5 years

Number of teachers trained: 1

Do you give post-graduate workshops for other teachers?: No

Are you an ATI Certified teaching member?: Yes

How long have you been an ATI member?: since 1997

Have you attended an ATI Annual Conference?: Yes
Which conference?: Bordeaux, AGM ATILondon , AGM ATIConference of Alexander Technique in Freiburg, Germany (1999)

Why you want to be a Sponsor: I'm teaching member of ATI since 25 years and my professional life is entirely devoted to this work. The first years I continued to work as a dancer and choreographer and I experienced the influence of the technique in dance, choregraphy and in teaching dance. Very soon I started to work with more and more students and I could develop my teaching. I'm a very actif teacher now and work in different forms, for shure private lesson but also in small groups and I work in some important institutions (Highschool of Music etc.).Since 5 years I run my own training cours (one teacher finished yet), there is a group of 5 students actually. It's good for me and my students that I may become a sponsor, and in France are very few sponsors. We organize interchanges between the French training courses, I meet other students, inivite other professors and my own pupils and those of the other centers ask me to take this responsability. With my long experience in the work, I'm ready to fullfill this task in a good and responsable way. I know well the procedures and I'm familiar with what this long process to become an Alexander Teacher means and may represent for the student both in it's result and in it's day after day progress.

Outline of teaching/administrative experience: Since 2003 I teach in the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse, Music High School of Toulouse. I teach there for musiciens and singers, in individual lessons and small groups. This activity is actually on standby (Covid). I also teach in isdaT (Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse), for musiciens and singers. These pupils finished the Conservatoire and will become music teachers or they will get a diplome of professionnalization (DNSPM). Actually, I give 1 lesson per week for each of the 4 singers. I also give 4 workshops for classes of dancers in isdaT, these dancers will become dancing teachers (DE). From approximately 2003 to 2010, I gave Alexander Technique Workshops and Classes for dancers in the CDC of Toulouse (Centre de Developpement Chorégraphique).From 2010 to 2015 I worked in Hospital in a program of research about antonomie for seniors : group classes about Alexander Technique and movement. Each year two MasterClasses of Singing and Alexander Technique in Abbaye de Sylvanès, International Center of Music and "rencontre", with the director Michel Wolkowitzky. Yearly MasterClass and several Workshops in coanimation with Marie Géligné who is a singing teacher.Since seven years, I teach a groupe of music teachers of the Conservatoire (1 groupe meeting each month and private lessons).

Details of trainings and courses: I have taught in different training courses while we made interchanges with the different training centers in France.2x 5 days in the Center of Gilles Estran (near Bordeaux), may be 70 hours; 2x4 days with Corinne Mencarelli (Lyon), may be 50 hours; 6x 4 days with the school of Apt : Catherine Vernerie, Lucia Carbone et Xavier Morand, maybe 150 hours.All this in the last years, since 2017.

If you have helped assess teachers in someone else’s training or for another Alexander society, please give details: 

Other relevant info: I always considered the Alexander Work as a living and instructif process. An AT teacher evoluates and has to adapt his teaching to the changes of society and of pupils needs. I want to hold high the quality of teaching without fixing my stare. That is at the same time hard work and that should be fun also.I practice meditation (Vipassana) in an intensif way since 30 years now, and this practice contributes to my personality :"who I am now". Since 2012, I work with (and I'm partner now) of DTCF (Developping Talents Croissance Formation, France and Belgium), this is an organizm who supports projects and management in companies and who trains coaches. I trained as a coach and continue this training (annual meetings of interchange and practice). This is a very human way of coaching, centered on the human being living in a healthy context (and not on profit alone). But this is also result orientated and helped me to structure my positionning and my thinking in personnal and professinal life. What means : a profound work about coherence in myself and it is a great, great support to bring together buisiness and vision of human being and life. A large part is devoted to the knowledge of human beings, a lot of input from : Bioscénarios; Bioenergétique, Analyse Transactionnelle...

Procedures for evaluation: I feel very familiar and agree fully with the procedures as difined by ATI. Based on the knowledge of anatomy and physiology as support to understand and transform human movement and behavior. Based on a high standart of responsability and ethical conduct in concern to oneself, to the students and to the collegues and ATI as a profession. Based on a good knowledge and understanding of Alexanders writings and other writings about the technique. Based on the integration of the fact that this work concerns ourselves first, and we have to continue to redirect ourselves if we want to be support for their process and to invite students to redirect themselves, in thinking and movement. Good knowledge of the basic principles of the technique and in the first place of primary controle and inhibition. I want to see if the futur teacher has this understanding and knowledge both in theory and in praxis. I want to see that he can communicate with a skilled and appropriate touch, that he can consider when words are a good support and that words and touch have to be in coherence/consistency. I want to see if he can consider the students needs and how to be a powerfull and appropriate support in the process. I want to be sure that the student understands that it's about teaching and not therapy or healing, that the principal field is prevention. Last not least : I will be curious to know about the sense the futur teacher wants to give to his work, his professionnal projects and if he can project himself and his teaching in a healthy and positif way and in respect of the guidelines of the technique. I want to spend time with the student/futur teacher to understand his personality and if he's an experienced and mature person. I know that I can't excpect the same understanding and experience of life from a young or from an elder person. I want to know if the student can deal with his own and with his students emotions and if he will be support for the students transformation and evolution in every life situation. So there will be time to ask about the theorical parts and time for practice. Teaching myself the student and work of the student with visitors. He will also work with me, hands-on work, special requests issued from my observations. Feedback of the work, trails and suggestions, clarity of thinking and judgment without illusions. I will alway be in positif support, underline the strength of the students work and bring in suggestions and trails to improve.


Kanae Tsuneki

Date of ATI Certificate: 09/02/2008

Nominator 1: Sarah Barker
ATI Sponsor?: Yes


Nominator 2: Tommy Thompson
ATI Sponsor?: No


Nominator 3: Sakiko Ishitsubo
ATI Sponsor?: No


Training teachers and locations: 

  1. Jeremy Chance
  2. Cathy Madden
  3. Rosa-Luisa Rossi
  4. Lucia Walker
  5. Vivien Mackie
  6. Tommy Thompson

Training dates:  01/01/2003  -  12/08/2007

How long have you been a teacher?: 15 years

Have you been teaching regularly since you completed your training?: Yes

Average # of lessons/classes: 21 hours

Do you train Alexander teachers?: Yes

How long have you been training Alexander teachers?: 5 years as an assistant and 10 years as a part-time trainer

Number of teachers trained:  I have never given them a certificate.

Do you give post-graduate workshops for other teachers?:  Yes

Are you an ATI Certified teaching member?: Yes

How long have you been an ATI member?: 14 years

Have you attended an ATI Annual Conference?: Yes
Which conference?: 2020 online,2018 Kyoto in Japan,201* Germany, 201* Colorado in US, 2007 Spanish Point in Ireland

Why you want to be a Sponsor: By teaching 15 years, by participating in some committee meetings, I became to think I'd like to or should contribute more to AT worlds, especially in Japan. I have experienced various types of teaching ways myself having various teachers in Japan and visiting schools and teachers in Europe or U.S. In this context, I have been and will continue to think about what constitutes AT and what the principles of work are. I believe that at the root of my work is a spirit of exploring the principles with my future colleagues and an understanding that what is important in teaching AT is not the superficiality of 'how to'.

Outline of teaching/administrative experience: -giving AT workshops - both introductory and trainees or teachers-teaching AT and Montessori education - for children or for adults learning theory-teaching flute-playing and voice with AT

Details of trainings and courses:  Beside teaching as a part-time trainer at Body Chance in Japan, I run my own studio having private AT students as well as music students, teaching regular group lessons, irregular workshops for musicians and actors and generals. And I am invited to teach at some organizations those train teachers of dance, music, and other performance. The frequency of these is totally varies, but I definitely have been teaching AT constantly for 15years.

If you have helped assess teachers in someone else’s training or for another Alexander society, please give details: 

Other relevant info: I also have been working as an interpreter-English / Japanese at training classes, and workshops for nearly 20 years. I am now interpreting for AT Science Webinar Course for Japanese teachers.

Procedures for evaluation: Ask the candidate to come with the student, preferably a beginner, but experienced students are also acceptable. I will watch the candidate teaching for 30 minutes. After they are done, we are going to discuss the lesson. What I'm going to ask would be why they choose that way in their teaching, how it is relevant to the technique, and what their students learn or can take out. I'll give them my feedback. And then, we will talk about Ethics, Anatomy, and FM writings. The criterion is; Whether the candidate continued to take care of themself during the lesson, observed themselves and their students, and provided ways for the students to learn on their own. -Whether the candidate was not only teaching form and knowledge but was also guiding the student to his or her original way of being, based on AT principles.