What is The Alexander Technique?

German-Photo-6-300x200.pngThe Alexander Technique has been defined as many things. You may have seen some of the following taglines: Balancing Life; Being Consciously Constructive; Understanding Your Reactions; Postural Ease for Performance; Taking Back your Inner Power; Choice. The Alexander Technique is a simple learning method that anybody can use. It helps us understand the workings of our unique human design and gives us tools to use ourselves well, in a fast and demanding world. This technique is widely used to promote health and wellness, and to improve performance by reconnecting our thinking and movement. It is often associated with posture or performance, but it is much, much more. It trains you in being aware of what is happening inside yourself and in your environment so that your connection with the world is more efficient. The tools it gives you can be used in many parts of your life. How you use Alexander’s discoveries is up to you. Embodied, this work allows you to be full and lively, expanding your potentiality. Learn more about the man, F. Matthias Alexander, and how he unfolded his technique. Also, discover how the Alexander Technique is applied in different fields of interest.