Alexander Technique and Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Stress Management: Insider Perceptions

Seeking practitioners of both Alexander Technique and Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBAs)

We are looking for practitioners who are simultaneously deeply invested in both Alexander Technique and MBAs for participation in a study that we hope will benefit both the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness communities. 

Participants should be able to draw from a rich set of personal experiences associated with both approaches and will thus potentially offer the most specific descriptions of similarities and differences in managing stress.

Participation in the study includes an approximately one-hour-long, in-depth online interview at a time agreed upon between the research team and participant. The interview will be recorded. After the interview, you will be able to review the transcript. To ensure your privacy after transcription all names will be removed to make it anonymous after which the video will be destroyed.

We expect that this interview process will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. We see each interview as an occasion to generate and co-construct knowledge with you, as you are asked to draw on your specific and detailed experiences in stress management and make sense of these experiences in terms of Alexander Technique and MBAs.

If you think you qualify and you are interested in participating in the study, please email:

Dr. Patrick Johnson, Member of NeVLAT
Dr. Gabriella Minnes Brandes, Member of Alexander Technique Canada, AmSAT, STAT, ATI
Dr. Victoria Door, Member of Professional Association of Alexander Teachers (PAAT)
Dr. Rajal Cohen, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Idaho, AmSAT