Have you ever volunteered for a worthy cause that you are very passionate about, and upon completing your volunteer task you feel fulfilled? It feels like the volunteer experience did you more good than the cause. I remember when I traveled to Honduras in 2001 for a Habitat for Humanity Mission, my heart was filled with joy from the beautiful people of Honduras that I met. Their joy and can do spirit in the face of the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch inspired me and filled my heart.  Instead of volunteerism being a one way street, often the generosity shared circles back around to the volunteer and the volunteer is fulfilled as much as those receiving the generosity.

I believe Continuing Education (CE) is much the same. When we engage in deepening and expanding our knowledge for our teaching practices, chances are our personal practice becomes expanded and enhanced as well. I know every time I've gone to a workshop to learn something to share with my students, I go through this phase of "Oh wow...I need this for myself first. This is going to help me!" Then I figure out how I am going to teach the new work and help my students incorporate it into their lives.

The members of the CEC are beginning a monthly practice of reminding all of us of the beauty and benefits of CE. We will also be providing guidance on CE opportunities within the ATI community and beyond. 

One of the first opportunities offered by ATI is a joint venture between CE and the Working Group on Racism and Diversity. Join me in listening to the podcast Seeing White - Scene on Radio. https://www.sceneonradio.org/seeing-white/

This is a 14 episode podcast. Each episode is approximately 60 minutes long.  We will listen to one episode a month, and use the new Community Forum on the ATI website to discuss the episode. Part of our reflections will include how the information offered in the episode may help us in our interactions as Alexander Teachers.  Through blogging or writing about what you glean from this opportunity, you can fulfill your first ATI CE requirement, and hopefully gain insight into the issue of Systemic Racism and racial trauma, and what you can do in your life to interrupt racism and make a change in the world!

Jennifer Mizenko